Mukono ghetto youth commend Museveni for cattle donations on Eid Day

What happened;

Ghetto youths in Mukono have applauded President Museveni for the bull they received on Eid Day.

The ghetto youths said Christians got a bull on Christmas and now receiving another for Eid for their Muslim brothers and sisters was a sign the president cares about.

What they said;

Salongo Mazinga, the commander of ghettos in Mukono districts told this website on Friday morning, that General Ddamulira who heads Crime Intelligence in Uganda Police notified them on Thursday night that the President had once again donated a bull for ghetto youth to celebrate Eid day.

Deputy RDC for Mukono District Mr Mike Ssegawa was among the people who received the bull at the ghetto office at Kiko Market in the Central Division. He said before beef was share among ghetto youths who came from as far as Goma division, Kalagi, Mbalala among others, that, the President’s gesture to ghettos across Greater Kampala was a sign of his government’s commitment to change the way of life in ghettos.

“The President wants to narrow the bridge between the haves and have nots – however he wants you to abandon crime, and instead use your energy and creative minds to be productive and participate in your country’s prosperity.

He called upon ghetto youth to join the government skilling and economic programs such as Parish Development Model enterprise groups to tap into government funds to enable them change their economic situation.

The big picture;

Mukono is one of the fast growing towns on the outskirts of Kampala. Whereas many industries are mushrooming in the district, it remains one with fast growing ghettos largely due to poor physical planning of the municipality, coupled with a fast growing population. Most of the youths in Mukono are unemployed due to skilling gaps, and idleness.

Deputy RDC Ssegawa said there was a need to change the mindset of youth in Mukono to deliberately seek skilling programs, gainful employment or embrace government programs as a way out of the poverty or crime trap.

The numbers;

The municipality is said to be about 300,000 people although analysts put the figure at half a million people.

What Next;

Mr Ssegawa promised to visit ghettos across the district to ensure government programs are well understood by all populations.

“We have choices. Choices have consequences. Negative or positive,” Ssegawa quipped. “It is important that ghetto youth, and other people of Mukono consciously choose to participate in their own prosperity by creating production hubs where their talents and resources could be shared and multiplied. The government can help to organise you and give you start-up funds. However, it is your choice to make those funds work for you. It is some hard work and commitment to see positive changes in your livelihoods.”

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