NetDoc Set to Revolutionize Healthcare Access through The Healthcare on the Go Campaign


NetDoc team

NetDoc a telemedicine company is set to launch its ground-breaking healthcare campaign dubbed “Healthcare on the GO campaign” a revolutionary initiative set to redefine the healthcare landscape in Uganda.

Speaking to the media in Kampala, NetDoc Marketing Manager, Richard Olowo said that the campaign is aimed at offering high-quality medical consultations that are accessible to everyone, anytime, and anywhere, all through the power of the NetDoc Telemedicine app.

Olowo said that making Quality Care Accessible to All” epitomizes NetDoc’s mission in the evolving landscape of healthcare in an age where technology is rapidly transforming the way medical services are accessed.

 “In today’s fast-paced world, waiting for medical care is not an option; Healthcare on the GO is a comprehensive campaign aimed at providing on-demand access to qualified healthcare professionals through our user-friendly mobile application,” Olowo said.

The Marketing Manager highlighted that this innovative platform empowers users to consult with over 350 health specialists, receive prescriptions, and access a wide range of medical services, all from the comfort of their homes, workplaces or any location they prefer.

NetDoc app connects users with licensed healthcare providers instantly via video or voice calls, ensuring timely medical advice. Patients can also receive e-prescriptions for medications, directly sent to them at their convenience.

Olowo explained that NetDoc doctors can refer users to specialists if necessary, ensuring they receive the best care possible.

Richard Olowo, NetDoc Marketing Manager

Additionally, the app allows users to safely store their medical history and records, facilitating seamless consultations and management of their health.

NetDok CEO, Dr. Wilbrode Kungu said that the NetDoc telemedicine app is a vital platform that connects hospitals with patients, significantly improving healthcare accessibility and efficiency.

This is done by streamlining referrals to hospitals like Ruby Hospital and East African Medical, the app eases the burden on emergency rooms, enabling timely and critical care.

Through optimized referrals and seamless coordination between primary care doctors and specialists, NetDoc revolutionizes healthcare by enhancing communication, prioritizing patient needs, and ensuring effective treatments.

NetDoc has established strategic partnerships with prominent entities in the healthcare sector, including reputable laboratories such as Lancet, C-Lab, and SAMEDAY Laboratories which ensure that patients receive accurate and timely diagnostic services, crucial for effective medical treatment. Additionally, NetDoc has teamed up with well-known pharmacies like Vine Pharmacy and Guardian Health, ensuring the availability of prescribed medications and essential healthcare products.

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