AMDA and ACERD asbl join forces to boost energy access in DRC through Minigrids

Minigrid installation by Nuru, AMDA member company in the DRC

Minigrid installation by Nuru, AMDA member company in the DRC

In a bid to address the significant energy access gap in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Africa Minigrid Developers Association (AMDA) and The Congolese Association for Renewable and Decentralized Energies (ACERD asbl) have announced a collaborative effort to expand energy access through minigrids and decentralized utilities.

The partnership aims to promote the development, financing, and rapid deployment of minigrids to electrify rural unserved and underserved areas in the DRC. To achieve this, AMDA and ACERD asbl will work together to advocate for policies, regulations, standards, and guidelines that support the scale-up of the minigrid sector.

The collaboration will also facilitate in-depth research to identify opportunities and key barriers in project implementation, sharing knowledge, data, and information related to minigrid electrification with stakeholders, policymakers, and the public.

“AMDA is delighted to partner with ACERD asbl to advocate for an optimal policy and regulatory framework that benefits the minigrid sector and the people it serves,” said Olamide Niyi-Afuye, CEO of AMDA. “We will work with all stakeholders to unlock the right mix of financing to scale the minigrid sector in the DRC and standardize metrics to measure sector progress and make informed decisions through evidence and research.”

Catherine Mukobo, CEO of ACERD asbl, added, “We are thrilled to have AMDA as a partner in securing a diligent pathway for the emergence of minigrids and the development of the energy sector in the DRC.”

The DRC, home to 99 million people, has low electrification rates, with only about 20.8% of the population having access to electricity in 2020, according to World Bank data. Most of the country is not covered by the national grid, and minigrids offer a viable solution to expand energy access toward universal electrification.


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