ODEKE BAZEL: FDC crisis; must other political parties laugh?

Bazel Odeke is a political commentator (PHOTO/Courtesy)

A healthy democracy requires a decent society, it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant, accountable, and respectful. Looking at what has befallen one of the dominant and impeccable parties that ushered in modern day-opposition, it truncates the long-built reputation.

Tuckman in his model (five stages of group development)- Forming( coming together), Storming( characterized by interpersonal conflicts, power, and leadership struggle), Norming( developing new ways of doing things), Performing( productive age) and Adjourning( disintegration). Emphasized that members must understand each other amidst any havoc if they’re to achieve the set goals.

In opposition political parties, it’s apparent, Storming is central and continues to underpin the course to democracy that the leaders “seem to seek” All we see is a power struggle, interpersonal conflicts, and leadership thirst rather than the common goal. It’s not the first time we see opposition parties get caught in corridors of internal contradictions, the numbers are out there(literally all).

Looking at the detestable times that opposition parties have got mingled, subjected to accusations and betrayal, It’s apparent, there isn’t an answer, there isn’t gonna be any answer, and there never has been an answer to achieve the goal if not to redefine the course

To whatever degree, must other Political parties chuckle at FDC’s contradictions?

In 1969, then President- Obote banned political parties and declared a state of emergency, the idea at that time was due to an assassination attempt on his dear life and reason-wise, to destroy completely the roaring kingdoms which he had vehemently stripped off in 1967

The revival of political parties(2005) did not come as a mere change of events but rather a highly extensive “cooked” plan- I don’t want to think, at the time of revival, the NRM Government had not with a lot of prowess read notes both internally and externally and decisively come up with a plan on how to circumnavigate the presence of political parties and how to keep them “good for nothing”. Notably, to leave them on the ban at that time, genuinely, could have raised questions of democracy and subsequently led to the loss of popularity, which the proponents weren’t ready for at that time.

Anyone who thinks the government of 2005 did not carefully plan for the next episode of political parties, can now tell for him or herself. Who are now the big henchmen in NRM, if not previously opposition members? Categorically, no opposition political party is safe from weapons of; divide, confuse, intimidate, promise, rule, and conquer. It’s a matter of time before you know.

FDC, just like any other political party, was taken care of and for any party to scold FDC for its internal contradictions, requires time to tell it all on the other end, perhaps FDC has tasted a lot. This, therefore, isn’t just about FDC, it’s about all the political parties that seek for a common “course”, if any. Unlike, self-made, money-target elites and recognition-seeking opportunists, whose interest is themselves.

Why have political parties continued to live in their shadow?

Ostensibly, lack of institutional support( both internally and externally). Whereas parties have tried to spread their ideologies and aggregate support from the masses, such efforts have remained tentative hooks and paper-based. The violent abrogation of the constitution, manipulation of events, and strictness to detail has created and if not hammered the last nail in the coffin for the existence of practical and course-oriented Political parties.

Besides, political parties have faced a lack of an enabling environment- this has left the party leaders unable to meet and unearth the grassroots level that they envisage for numbers. Overtly, when it comes to elections, it’s an issue of egotism regardless of the interest of common people and their rights, and failure to cooperate calls for; weapons of intimidation, arrests, kidnap, torture, death, name them, the question then is, who cares?

Lack of financial resources. Most political parties have remained a shadow of their interest and ideology that they seem to “cherish” Resources for structural building, mobilizing and training of citizens remain a challenge henceforth costing leadership in terms of integrity and loyalty amidst growing extremist groups

And, with a population full of elites with no proper and decent way of life, opportunism is inevitable. It’s a really regrettable fact that the liberty of our country was lost at the first successful experiment of corruption and bribery which is being imputed to many members of the House of representatives, with rights of people bartered publicly for promises of office. How we turned politics into an earnest business is another question!

And, for the henchmen, it’s what it’s, whether it’s about the worst in society, dying mothers, the hungry, the disaster affected, everyone for himself. We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public offices, isn’t it cultural?

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