UBOS fires back to dismissed staff

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has hit back at its former errant staff who were fired over acts of gross misconduct for waging a mudslinging campaign against the institution and its leadership.

Statistics House (Courtesy photo)

This came after some online media reports circulated saying that some UBOS staff who were dismissed on grounds of gross misconduct had alleged that the contracts of the Executive Director and the Board members had expired at the end of the previous Financial Year and that the Board and the Executive Director are in office illegally.

These same errant staff disguising themselves as whistleblowers claimed that they recently petitioned the IGG over the acts of corruption at UBOS. The same former errant staff further alleged that they wrote to the Board Chairman Dr. Albert Byamugisha in 2021 when they raised queries over money that was deposited on the accounts of UBOS’ staff.

UBOS Executive Director Dr. Chris Mukiza said that these issues were addressed by reputable offices and were brought to logical conclusions. He further noted that this was an old story that was already concluded upon in 2021 but is now simply being recycled to achieve the evil goals and intentions of the errant staff.

The errant staff having been dismissed, they have brought to the fore their ineptness to the public that the Bureau leadership had detected long before they were dismissed.

The Executive Director has assured the public that UBOS Board, Management and Staff, are strong and steadfast towards strengthening statistical development, production, and dissemination as well as promoting good governance as the national statistics office.

The Bureau continues with its preparation to conduct the forthcoming National Population and Housing Census. In so doing, UBOS already established the census structure from national to village level, developed the census questionnaire, pre-tested the questionnaire, completed census mapping in 40 districts and now collecting data in other 40 districts and conducting sensitization of the census programme, among others. T

The Bureau is continuously producing and disseminating social, demographic, environment, and economics indicators for informing development progress under SDGs and NDPIII. In addition, the Bureau continues to support pillar 6 of the Parish Development Model (PDM) with data collection at household and community levels.

UBOS Board recently raised a red tape on some of its staff in what officials described as serious cases of indiscipline, spreading malicious and false information, insubordination, and subversive tendencies. The media has learnt that

Mukiza on Monday refuted all the baseless allegations saying that the “attacks by former errant staff would not stop the Bureau from achieving its objectives, including delivering the national census on time.” In fact, the Bureau is now stronger, stable, and a center of demonstrable and able leadership.

Mukiza added that ahead of the census, UBOS is conducting mapping. He said the Bureau is working closely with district leaders to ensure smooth census mapping. The media has learnt that UBOS is mapping the whole country using electronic gadgets (tablets) with preloaded information to allow entry of data and information for easy data management. He said mapping will establish the number of enumeration areas and, therefore, number of enumerators required.

Some of the key information being collected under mapping exercise include the Geo-code, which will subsequently become relevant in locating the various households, institutions, and other relevant facilities around the country.

The mapping exercise will provide an up to date information on the social amenities, household location, administrative units, and physical features. In addition, it will ensure that each enumeration area has got its own digital map.

It will further determine the period that an enumerator may be required to complete collecting data in a particular enumeration area. The Executive Director further said that there has been on-going census pilot activity in the 13 selected districts. He said the pilot exercise is very critical in understanding the performance of the whole census structure because it enables pre-testing of the entire census process.

Mukiza also said the 7th Uganda Demographic Health Survey (UDHS) 2022 was in its final stages towards publication.

The survey provides indicators on maternal and child mortality, nutrition, malaria and HIV prevalence, among other key health related data, hence enabling policy formulation, programme implementation, and monitoring development performance in the health sector.

In addition, the Bureau is undertaking the Uganda National Household Survey as well as finalizing the national livestock census report that will soon be disseminated. In conclusion, UBOS calls upon the public to continue with their usual support towards statistical development as provided for within the National Statistics System (NSS) and disregard the malicious and misleading propaganda being spread by the disgraced individuals.


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