Ugandans are hosipitable people – Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda

Her Excellency Amb Etsegenet Bezabih Yimenu , the Ethiopian Ambasador to Uganda (Accredited to Burundi , Union of Comoros , Sychelles and Central African Republic) has described the Pearl of Africa as one the few African countries with most welcoming and friendly people.

Her Excellency Amb Etsegenet Bezabih Yimenu during an interview.

In an interview with the press held early this week at her residence in Kampala, Etsegenet revealed that for the few months she has spent in Uganda , life has been so interesting on her side.

“Uganda is my home away from home because the vegetables and other products we buy from the market are super organic. In my house i have a cook, we prepare it in our own format and it tastes the same as home.”

She also pointed out that although she is not in her home country, she still enjoys the same experience in another African country.

“The music is good, the people are free, like my neighbor here whom i dont know , always entertain me with some good music every evening. Am a big fan of Ghetto kids since way back and their recent achievement on a big stage is not only for them but for us all because they stood out for Africa.”

Ambassador says that Uganda has over 5000 Ethiopians residing within its borders under various categories and about 500 Ethiopian professionals.

“They are enjoying Uganda freely , doing businesses without any interference which is so good.”


Etsegenet says that ever since her posting in Uganda (day she arrived in Uganda) She has been so busy handling numerous engagements and assignments.

“You can’t sleep in Uganda , because you are always engaged in meetings , more activities to get engaged in and i like that so much.

I am still new here, i have not experienced any challenge and i hope i will not get any in future too”

On working in Uganda, the Ambassador revealed that she was so happy when she received the news that she was assigned to serve in Uganda. “I had a deep interest to be posted in an African country and am glad that i was posted in Uganda.”

“Currently i have not faced any challenge and i hope i will not face any in the future.”

Relationship between the two countries

It started from the early 1960s , signing of African Union agreement 1967, opening up of Uganda embassy in Ethiopia and it has been maintained upto date.

Etsegenet says that the current relationship between Uganda and Ethiopia is now super solid.


” I hope to have more high level meetings exchange visits of leaders high level or ministerial level.”

She is preparing to follow up on what was started by her predecessor Alemtsehay Meseret like implimenting the signed agreements, those in pipeline and new if need arises.

“She left a conducive environment for me and i will have to follow up on all signed agreements, those in pipeline and sign more of the need arises.”

H.E promised to pay more attention on improving Uganda- Ethiopia relationship.


“This year and next year , we need to promote our businesses through several engagements and business meetings.

In covid we didn’t move around much but we are going to use this opportunity to reach out to have several engagements in districts outside Kampala.”

Ethiopian products imported to Uganda include; Arabica coffee, Tea , Wine etc.

Ugandan products exported to Ethiopia include; Diary Products, Chicken, Sugar and medical products like Masks , Sanitizer etc.




































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