ADAM BUYINZA LUZINDANA: Why Educated People/Graduates are Poor and Unemployed

Adam Buyinza Luzinda, team leader at Public Opinions (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Despite having a university degree, many graduates in Uganda struggle to find employment, leading to poverty and unemployment. Buyinza Adam Luzindana, Team Leader of Public Opinions, a field-based research and advocacy firm, has identified five key reasons why educated people or graduates from universities may be unemployed and poor.

Luzindana, a former Youth Leader from Kampala City, highlights the mismatch between skills and job market demands, lack of practical experience and skills, limited job opportunities and economic conditions, high expectations and debt, and poor career guidance and networking as the main reasons why graduates are unemployed and poor.

The mismatch between skills and job market demands has led to a surplus of graduates in certain fields with limited job opportunities. University education often focuses on theoretical knowledge, leaving graduates without the practical skills and experience that employers require. Limited job opportunities and economic conditions, including economic downturns, limited job openings, and high competition, make it challenging for graduates to find employment, even with a degree. High expectations and debt can make it difficult for graduates to accept entry-level positions or lower-paying jobs.

In addition to these factors, discrimination and bias, limited access to resources and connections, geographic location and lack of job opportunities in certain areas, the changing nature of work and automation, and inadequate support for entrepreneurship and self-employment can also contribute to unemployment and poverty among educated individuals.

To address these challenges, Luzindana calls for a combination of policy changes, education system reforms, and individual efforts to develop practical skills, build networks, and adapt to the changing job market. Public Opinions is organizing field-based training and mentorship sessions in communities targeting youth and graduates to address these issues. The firm also offers short courses in International Certificate in Public Leadership and International Certificate in Business Leadership.

By acknowledging these challenges and working together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for graduates to succeed and contribute to Uganda’s economic growth.


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