Whistleblower runs to Public Service, State House over ‘irregular recruitment’, staff frustration and corruption at KCCA

Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Dorothy Kasega Kisaka (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Dorothy Kasega Kisaka (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA – A whistleblower has written to the Public Service Commission (PSC) — calling for a thorough investigation into what the concerned citizen described as irregular recruitment and staff submissions by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

In a letter dated February 10, 2023, the whistleblower claims that a number of the new faces are relatives to KCCA Executive Director Mrs. Dorothy Kisaka while others were shielded from competition.

Mrs. Kisaka faces a thread of scandals with some government top dogs recently ruling out renewing her contract for a second term as KCCA Executive Director.

“KCCA and the Commission just went through an irregular and biased recruitment of Directors and Deputy Directors for various Directorates and departments to which whistleblowers addressed their concerns to the Minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs and no action was taken. This was absurd!!,” the whistleblower wrote, adding that:

“I now address the PSC well knowing it has the capacity to undertake the right actions in the recruitment of Public Servants or be sued where it acts otherwise”.

The whistleblower has since brought the attention of the commission to a litany of key issues including the irregular, selective and highly questionable submissions of persons for positions KCCA that were made to the PSC without due regard to the criteria of promotion and recruitment into the service.

For example, the whistleblower claims that Mr. Birungi Stanislaus who is the new Manager Human Resource Operations was shielded from competition within and outside of the institution.

“[There was] no competition or consideration for other well qualified contenders within KCCA, the Service or even the public,” the petitioner wrote, also inviting the Equal Opportunities Commission and Inspectorate of Government to pay attention to the level of corruption at KCCA.

“Ms Tumuhimbise Hellen for Manager Procurement and Disposal Unit (PDU) (Had applied for the role of Head PDU and was not successful, not in the employment of KCCA at the moment, confirmed to have forged academic documents by Makerere University copy of verification report attached. These are two we could substantially obtain but are in or more and implore you to take critical note of those in your possession which can be established through an application for discovery when in court once you do not act”.

The whistleblower also reported the continued recruitment and placement of temporary staff to the detriment of substantive public servants in Deputy Director, Managerial, Supervisory among other officer roles.

“This has cost staff any prospects of promotion, brought into the institution and Service gross inexperience, accelerated corruption and patronage, diminished staff morale and lack of trust in the Human Resource processes at KCCA as well as questioning the supervision and integrity of the PSC,” the concerned citizen indicated also copy the same to State House Anti Corruption Unit in State House and National Organization of Trade Union (NOTU).

In the petition, the whistleblower alleges that Nathan Kasule, the new Manager Land Management Unit Office at KCCA is a relative to KCCA Executive Director Mrs Dorothy Kisaka.

Emmanuel Gabula, the Manager Park User Fees – in the Directorate of Revenue Collection also Supervisor Project Coordination Department of Strategy and Business development is Mrs. Kisaka’s brother.

As a result, the whistleblower says Mrs Kisaka is engaged in influence peddling, abuse of office and corruption.

The whistleblower in the letter demands that the PSC, IG, Equal Opportunities Commission and State House Anti Corruption Unit investigate “irregular recruitment” at KCCA.

This website couldn’t independently verify the allegations raised but a source the PSC and the Inspectorate of Government have confirmed receipt of the petition and that they will study it before taking a decision on the way forward.

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