Young people should avoid blame game – Commissioner Mondo

Kampala – Mr. Mondo Kyateeka the Commissioner for Youth and Child Affairs in the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development has called upon the young people in the country to directly participate in developmental activities than expecting handouts from various stakeholders at all times.

Commissioner Mondo Kyateeka addressing the young people during the meeting. (Courtesy photo)

While addressing the young people at National Youth Policy 2016 evaluation meeting in Kampala, Mondo noted that many young people especially youth who have failed in life are blaming their failures to parents and government which is totally wrong.

“John F.K Kennedy once said that things don’t happen, things are made to happen..if you want to see a better Uganda dont say that the Ministry of Gender they will do it, the office of the president will do it , its mondo to do it. So before asking what government has done for you , ask yourself what have you done for your country and the youth of Uganda.”


Mondo therefore asked the youth to always embrace government’s poverty alleviation programmes instead of only criticizing them at all times.

“You may find someone cursing government that its money its hard to get because of being asked to present their National Identity cards and other requirements.Money is not easy to get therefore such requirements are to prove that you’re are true Ugandan Citizen.”

Towards Implimentation of the youth policy, the commissioner noted that they have Implimented several clauses and more are to be implemented but the youth leaders a duty to champion the whole process. “As we evaluate ourselves and you hear that things didn’t went as they were supposed to, blame it on yourself for having not played your part.” Mondo added

One of teh young people who participated in the meeting airing out her views.

Praise Mwesiga , the programmes manager at Uganda Youth Health and Adolescents Forum (UYHAF ) revealed that in the consortium which includes other Organizations like EASSI, Reproductive Health Uganda brought together youth leaders from six districts all over the country to examine the progress of the National Youth Policy.

“The youth leaders are from six districts of Kampala , Bukwo, Mbale, Kalangala , Isingiro, Bukwo Mbale and Busia with District Local Council 5 Chairperson representatives. The reason was to give their output in evaluation of the National Youth Policy which was last reviewed once after its 15 years of existence in 2016.”

She added that their other focus was to ensure that youth become self reliant and find means through which they can give back to the society which has supported them for long.

Busomoke Marcelino from Uganda Youth Council Secretariat called upon the youth to focus on looking for information that can guide in their day to day developmental activities.

“The young people should become focused and do away with this blame game business where they are blaming the government and National Council of having not helped them. Government needs to invest more in mindset change so that the available programmes can benefit the target groups.”

She further added that most government programmes like youth livelihood have not performed to the expectation because many people don’t know what to do.




















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