2022 FIFA World Cup: World Cup can leave a lasting legacy – Beckham

David Beckham scored THAT free-kick against Greece to send England to the World Cup exactly 20 years ago, but it so nearly never happened.

David Beckham scored THAT free-kick against Greece to send England to the World Cup exactly 20 years ago, but it so nearly never happened.

SuperSport viewers on DStv and GOtv will be counting down the days to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, with the tournament set to run from 21 November to 18 December and provide the most thrilling distillation of ‘The Beautiful Game’.

DStv and GOtv is the only true home of football in Africa, offering a range and depth of action that no other rival can match – it’s literally ‘Unbeatable Football’! If you’re going to spend your money on something, it may as well be on the best football in the world.

Football legend David Beckham has praised the legacy projects being created by the 2022 FIFA World Cup and believes that the tournament changes a country and its people for the better.

Beckham was recently the guest of honour at the Qatar Community World Cup semifinals, a tournament organised by the Qatar Community Football League (QCFL), which was founded in 2016 by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy – the organisation responsible for developing the infrastructure and legacy projects for Qatar 2022

Beckham, who appeared and scored in three World Cup tournaments, said: “There’s no bigger sporting competition than the World Cup. It changes countries and it changes people’s lives. When we talk about legacy, this is real evidence of it.

“Even before the World Cup has begun, this is evidence of the incredible work the Supreme Committee has done. This is why the World Cup has been brought here – to improve the game and build a legacy. Legacy is the most important thing.”

Beckham went on to explain that fans from across the globe will witness Qatar’s passion for football when the country hosts the 22nd edition of the World Cup – and the first in the Middle East and Arab world.

“There is a rich history here and a love of the game, and that will be very evident when the tournament starts at the end of the year,” said the former England international. “People will see a football culture that has been here for a long time. And once the tournament finishes, the legacy will be there for everyone to see.’

Hosting the World Cup, said Beckham, is a golden opportunity to inspire the next generation: “When countries are given the chance to host a competition as big as this, it’s great while the competition is going on. But when it ends, what’s more important is leaving a legacy.

“When people ask me what a World Cup does for a country, I say it inspires the next generation. It’s great to host the World Cup but it’s more important what happens after.”

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