2022 PLE: English, Mathematics, science are most done subjects as pupils fail SST

executive secretary Dan Odongo

UNEB executive secretary Dan Odongo

Candidates in the 2022 Primary Leaving Examination managed more distinctions in English, mathematics, and integrated science compared to Social Studies, results released today have shown.

“There was English a significant improvement in performance at the distinction and credit levels while the overall pass level remained the same. In Social Studies with Religious Education (SST), performance declined at all levels, while Integrated Science recorded an overall improvement. Mathematics had better performance at the Distinction and Credit pass levels,” Mr. Dan. N. Odongo, UNEB Executive Director said in a statement.

Results also show that females performed better than males in English, but the reverse is true for the other three subjects; Social Studies & Religious Education, Integrated Science, and Mathematics,

“This is the trend that has been observed over the years,” he added.

Mr. Odongo said examiners reported good handwriting and organized work presented by candidates.

“The number of candidates scoring zero in various subjects has generally decreased compared to previous years. In Mathematics, even those who scored zero showed mathematical language compared to work presented in the past years.

Examiners attributed the better quality performance to the fact that a lot of the questions were based on real-life situations to which candidates could easily relate.

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