2022 UCE: Here are the top schools in Uganda

UNEB executive director Dan Odongo

KAMPALA — We bring you the ranking of top 30 schools in the 2022 Uganda Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level/S.4 examinations result, released by the Minister of Education in Kampala today, February 09.

The ranking is based, primarily on the percentage of candidates passing in division one over the total number per center.

Where schools had the same share of students passing in the same division, for example for schools with 100 percent of their candidates passing in division one, we considered the quality of the grades, represented by the average aggregate score.

In 2017, The Observer newspaper reported that some schools achieve high pass rates by preventing “weak” candidates from registering for exams, or by registering them from alternative centres.

The paper discovered this is especially the case with private schools that have multiple examination centres.

In this case, you will find one school centre performing well while the associated centre doesn’t perform that well. This ranking does not consider this and other dubious tricks played by certain schools.

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