aBi Development welcomes new CEO

Mr. Nyabila takes over the position from Mr. Ibrahim Abayo, who served as interim CEO from February 2023.

Mr. Nyabila takes over the position from Mr. Ibrahim Abayo, who served as interim CEO from February 2023.

Mr. Moses Nyabila has been appointed new Chief Executive Officer for aBi Development Ltd, a prominent player in the agribusiness and agricultural space.

Mr. Nyabila takes over the position from Mr. Ibrahim Abayo, who served as interim CEO from February 2023.

The news was shared by Felix Okoboi, the board chair of aBi Development, during a town hall meeting for aBi Development and aBi Finance. “I am here to introduce to you Mr. Moses Nyabila, the new CEO of aBi Development,” stated Mr. Okoboi.

In his remarks, Mr. Okoboi highlighted Mr. Nyabila’s extensive experience and expressed confidence in his ability to lead aBi Development towards its desired goals. “Nyabila brings with him a wealth of experience, and I am confident that he will steer the aBi Development ship to where it is desired to go,” Mr. Okoboi said.

Mr. Okoboi also stressed the importance of understanding the organisation’s staff, emphasising that aBi Development is a result-oriented organisation. He believed that building a strong relationship with the team would enable Mr. Nyabila to navigate his responsibilities more effectively.

In his response, Mr. Nyabila expressed his pleasure in joining aBi Development and revealed that he had already initiated efforts to understand the members of the staff. “I am pleased to be at aBi. I have already embarked on the journey of understanding the members of staff, as I had the opportunity to meet many of them at the staff team building held the week before,” Mr. Nyabila stated.

Before joining aBi Development, Mr. Nyabila served as Deputy Chief of Party USAID Kenya Investment Mechanism at Palladium Kenya. He brings a strong background in mission-driven leadership with extensive experience across Africa.

Notably, Mr. Nyabila, held leadership positions in renowned food and beverage companies such as Coca-Cola Nairobi Bottlers, Brookside Dairy (Kenya), and Parmalat Pty South Africa. Additionally, he has played instrumental roles in various development partner-funded industrial programmes, working with organisations like Land O’Lakes, Chemonics, Heifer International, and the Government of Kenya.

Mr. Nyabila’s track record also includes remarkable achievements, such as founding the Eastern and Southern African Dairy Association (ESADA) and Africa Dairy Conference & Exhibition. He initiated a joint venture between Brookside Dairy and Danone and actively participated in crafting Common External Tariffs to protect the nascent Aquaculture Industry in East Africa.

He has also championed significant industrial infrastructure projects in Kenya and played a pioneering role in the export of dairy products from Uganda. During his tenure as Regional Director of East Africa Dairy Development Project, he was instrumental in establishing over 70 dairy producer organisations and savings cooperatives across East Africa, including Uganda.

To ensure a smooth transition and introduction to the organisation, a programme has been arranged to orient and induct Mr. Nyabila in both aBi Development Ltd and aBi Finance Ltd. The team at aBi Development has been encouraged to put their best foot forward and make Mr. Nyabila feel welcome.

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