Agilitee inks deal with Kenya’s Redmark; eyes growth in East Africa

Dr. Mandla Lamba, Founder & CEO of Agilitee Limited (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Green technology is the future, but for many East Africans; affordability has been a sticking issue. This is set to change after a landmark deal was reached between Agilitee Africa and Kenya’s Redmark Consultants.

Agilitee Africa is a subsidiary of Agilitee Limited, a public company that is a leader in Electric Vehicles Manufacturing, Greentech and Artificial Intelligence. Redmark Consultants specializes in financing projects from inception right through to completion. This includes project financing, acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs, and joint ventures.

“Our major aim is to provide our customers with substantial microloans at reasonable prices and rates, while also keeping our customers informed and active throughout the process,” Redmark said on its website.
“We strive to become friends and advisers to our customers as well as quality service providers,” It added.

According to the fully executed partnership agreement, Redmark Consultants will now own 30% of Agilitee East Africa Limited a company that was set up in Kenya in 2021 that has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Agilitee Africa, whereas, Agilitee Africa will remain with 70% control of the same.

The regional partnership will provide communities in the East Africa Region with a comprehensive range of cost-effective green energy solutions from electric vehicles infrastructure, electric vehicles manufacturing, Greentech products and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Speaking about this milestone, Dr. Mandla Lamba, Founder & CEO of Agilitee Limited, acknowledged it was a rare opportunity to have a business that can have a financial impact while doing a good service for humanity.

“We are thrilled to be working with Mr Fred Muteti and the Redmark team, it’s time that we make East Africa great,” Dr Lamba said.

He pointed out that the key goal is to help Africa transition into the Green Revolution and Forth Industrial Revolution with a comprehensive, sole-source approach that mitigates the weighty burdens of managing the internal and external environment to achieving business, environmental and societal goals.

Dr Lamba pointed out that Africa has been the breadbasket of global economic growth at the expense of the African people’s financial equality and growth.

“The New World Movement presents this precious opportunity for the very first time in African History, where Africans can truly build a new future that will positively impact the history of the next generation,” he said.

Mr Fred Muteti, Chairman and CEO of Redmark Consultants said he was excited to be on board with Agilitee East Africa.

He said: “As Redmark Consultants we are constantly looking at ways in which to minimize our carbon footprint on the globe by partnering with forward thinkers and green energy solution providers like Agilitee Africa.”

Mr. Muteti explained that with the volatile prices and not to mention carbon emissions of fuels, it is high time for both companies, through the partnership, to open up the East African Market to Electric Vehicles (E.Vs) and taking the frontier not just to vehicles but home appliances also for a greener and energy-saving present for a cleaner future.
“We shall keep providing tomorrow’s solutions today as Agilitee East Africa,” he said.

Ms. Bonisile Roberts Co-CEO of Agilitee Africa, pointed out that the transaction officially marks Agilitee’s entry into East Africa, a region which, in the company’s view, is much awaiting the transition into e-mobility on a grand scale.

“Who better to do this than an African Company with an ethos to design and manufacture vehicles that are specifically designed for the African terrain and economic climate. We are truly excited to see this revolution materializing in this fashion,” she said.


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