Agilitee’s Dr. Lamba to donate $2 billion in stock to African people

Mr. Mandla Lamba, founder of South African based Electric Vehicle Company and green technology firm Agilitee Pvt

Dr. Mandla Lamba has committed to pay 10% tithes which is $2 billion in shares to uplift the poor in the continent (PHOTO /Courtesy)

FAST rising South Africa based entrepreneur, Dr. Mandla Lamba has so far donated $60 million worth of shares from his company, Agilitee to people across the continent of Africa.

Dr. Lamba has committed to pay 10% tithes which is $2 billion in shares to uplift the poor in the continent.

He is set to continue issuing these shares until he hits the $2 billion mark as a commitment to pay tithes according to scriptures.

Dr. Lamba the founder of, AI and Green Tech Company Agilitee, Africa’s first Electric Vehicle Manufacturer, is now oozing confidence as Africa’s $15,5 billion man.

Agilitee is currently preparing for a Johannesburg Stock Exchange Initial Public Offering (IPO), which will be the first EV, AI, and Green Tech IPO in Africa.

The IPO will value Agilitee at $20 billion, making the founder extremely wealthy.

Dr. Lamba owns 77.5 percent of Agilitee, which is currently valued at $15.5 billion, making him one of Africa’s richest man in the mold of Aliko Dangote.

“First ever in the history of capitalism at this highest level that the world gets to witness Faith, Socialism and Capitalism coexisting and fully collaborative under one roof. Over the past 48 hours, the Billionaire founder of Agilitee has donated over $60 million worth shares of Agilitee to people across the continent of Africa, this was done as part of paying his $2-billion-dollar tithe,” Agilitee said in a statement.

Adding: “This is after Agilitee started a process of the IPO on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, since the company is valued at $20 billion, Dr. Lamba is paying 10% which is $2 billion in shares to uplift the poor in the continent.”

Speaking while issuing shares on his Facebook page, Dr. Lamba pleaded with beneficiary of shares who are predominantly poor black Africans to build more opportunities and create more millionaire and billionaires in Africa.

“The time has come for capitalism to be social not anti-social. The time has come for capitalism to be inclusive.

It is important that those who have been made millionaires you go forward and create more millionaires. Build opportunities, create opportunities and see if God wont bless you. Let’s go and create more millionaires and billionaires. Everyone who has made up here, go and create more. We could have kept these $2 billion shares worth of Agilitee selfish people could say these shares are a lot of money, but we are not here to be selfish. We are hear to fulfil a purpose/ The issuing of shares is part of fulfilling a purpose. If what we have done does not inspire you to fulfill a purpose then something is wrong with you. You need prayers,” Dr. Lamba said.

He said the new order where black people will be empowered will undo the previous old system which was punctuated with division and segregation.

“The fact that black people will be empowered let them not create the old system of division and segregation among people. The old system created supremacy of a certain race above another. God says make no mistake of that nature, create a unity system that unties people and represent all people whether white, black or Indian,” Dr. Lamba said.

Agilitee, Africa’s pioneer in electric vehicles and green technology, has set out on a mission to create millionaires on the continent through public listing.

The green technology and electric vehicle manufacturer recently opened operations in Zimbabwe and plans to expand into Malawi, Kenya, and Ghana before beginning its long-delayed dealership in Zambia.

After launching its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) , Agilitee Pvt Ltd is eyeing secondary listings in Europe and the United States of America.


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