Agriculture Minister Tumwebaze tasks NARO on research as he inaugurates new governing council

Frank Tumwebaze, Minister of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries’

WAKISO — The minister of agriculture animal industry and Fisheries Frank Tumwebaze has inaugurated the new governing council of the National Agriculture research Organisation (NARO)

The 16-member council is to be chaired by William Olaho Mukani with other members including Dr Ambrose Agona the DG NARO, and Maj Gen David Kasura-Kyomukama the ministrys permanent sectetary among others.

Presiding over the swearing in of the new 16-member Governing council at the ministry offices in Entebbe, Minister Tumwebaze said while NARO is a research organisation , most of its research and the innovations developed do not benefit the ordinary farmers.

Prof. William Olaho, new Chairperson NARO Governing Council

He now challenges the new council to ensure that the organisation carries out deliberate and useful research which must be relevant to the farmers and meet their needs.

He cites development of simple affordable irrigation technologies which can be utilised by the farmers amidst the growing vagaries of nature.

PS-MAAIF; Maj. Gen. David Kasura-Kyomukama taking oath

PS-MAAIF; Maj. Gen. David Kasura-Kyomukama taking oath

Meanwhile the ministry’s permanent Secretary Maj Gen David Kasura-Kyomukama reminded the council that the country has 70 percent of households engaged in agriculture with majority being small holder farmers who produce less than 25% of GDP and less than 50 % of exports.

Council Member; Ms. Rehema Nanvuma taking oath

Council Member; Ms. Rehema Nanvuma taking oath

He says the new council therefore has an opportunity to make a contribution towards transforming the country’s agriculture.

On his part, the new governing council chair Prof William Olaho called for support from the minister and permanent Secretary to enable them deliver on their mandate.

Dr. Ambrose Agona, DG NARO

Dr. Ambrose Agona, DG NARO

He also emphasised the importance of embracing technology to be able to improve agriculture production amidst growing challenges of climate change and population increase .

Council Members include;
Prof. William Olaho (Chair)
Kenneth Katungisa (UNFFE)
Dr. John Wasige
Ms. Jolly Kateeba
Ms. Nankunda Olivia
Ms. Susan Awino
Ms. Akullo Sharon
George Onya
Dr. Sylvester Baguma
Dr. Sam Mugasi
Dr. Martin Mongol
Dr. Ramathan Ggoobi
Dr. Ambrose Agona (DG-NARO)
Maj. Gen. David Kasura-Kyomukama


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