Amb. Kambula: African Leaders should Stop Betraying Each Other, Work for Unity

Peace Service Amb. Milton Kambula

The President, Global Peace Foundation- Uganda Chapter, Peace Service Ambassador, Milton Kambula has appealed to African leaders to desist from accusing western powers for the instabilities within the continent but unite and transform Africa using locally available resources that are God given.

The Peace Service Ambassador made the call during his new year’s address to media responding to the different accusation against Western powers that have been put across by some African leaders in the recent past.

“We pray for peace between and among our E.A Member States; after more than 60 years of independence, we can no longer blame anybody else for our own instability but our own failure to unite and transform Africa using locally available resources and blessings from God,” Amb. Kambula said.

Kambula said that it is time for Africa to wake up and start walking straight in front of opportunities that bind and transform the continent so as to save the region from constant conflict which has made it easier for the enemies to find ways to steal what God freely gave the continent.

“We pray that this year our leaders stop betraying each other so that Africa integrates as one country under one president sharing common currency, passport, security mechanism, education curriculum and laws,” Kambula said.

He added that, “This will be the beginning of ending the shame Africans have suffered the last 600 years. By uniting, we will be sure to enjoy the largest untapped market of 1.3 billion people who share one common heritage and history, as well as enjoying wealth of untapped pool of natural resources valued at US$489 trillion which would turn Africa as the most industrialized, stable and prosperous country in the world; and for more than 300 years standing as the superpower of the world competing with non but with Africa itself.”

“Your Excellencies in Africa, while you see our voters are still ignorant due to colonial systems they have fed on, wake up and use the remaining time you have in office to break these barriers by signing those difficult declarations aimed at lifting Africa from hell to heaven where everyone is a winner. We cannot move forward by blaming each other.”

Kambula explained that there is no other suitable time to unite and transform Africa adding that whoever blocks the youth from dreaming and achieving big is an enemy to the future of Africa.

The Ambassador appealed to all African leaders to join hands and ensure the stability of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) because it is critical for Africa’s economic stability.

“DRC still stands as the lungs of the world. The instability of DRC is enabling development of countries in the west and east. Everyone prays that peace and security does not come to DRC. The AU together with EAC, ECOWAS and COMESA must work together to rebuild, integrate and strategically protect and connect DRC, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, S/N Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Ghana, Cameroon and Algeria peninsulas because they play a kingmaker role in the transformation and integration process of Africa.”

He observed that, “Our leaders must wake up and stop meandering on non priority areas. We now understand that they’re playing us like a ball. They lie a lot and pretend like hyenas in the jungle. Our people cannot continue to suffer and die like dogs while our leaders are seen being bribed to keep the continent in conflict, hunger, poverty, ignorance and disease. Enough is enough lets stand together pen history when we are still alive.”

He cautioned African leaders to stop misusing their positions and the appetite for accepting loans from the world super powers.

“Africa has capacity to become the economic, political and socio-cultural super power of the World. We must come together and integrate Africa, failure, we will survive as slaves in this world,” Kambula noted.


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