Amb. Kambula Milton: Family must be the Focus of our Programs and National Budget

Amb. Milton Kambula

Peace Service ambassador Milton Kambula has rallied for a focus on family in all programs and budgeting processes.

This was in his speech at the first ever Inter-religious family festival at Kololo Independence ceremonial grounds in Kampala Uganda.

Milton Kambula the brain behind the Family Festival has this to say:-

I want to say today is a very special day, tell your neighbor, welcome to the Inter-religious Family Festival 2024.

On this occasion, the first of Africa, but also globally. Because we are making history, of the 20th century. Of what God began with us, a family, shaping the future of heaven.

Thanks to the Inter-religious Council of Uganda, for taking ownership of this vision. Mobilizing us, coordinating us, and facilitating the whole process of making sure we are here today.

I want to thank the Global Peace Foundation, that is operating globally, building peace of the world.

Your Excellency, I want to say to everyone, that we are here, inspired by the ideal of one family under God. As championed by the testament we are signing today, right here in Kololo Independence grounds.

We also sound, that Uganda understands, a 10,000 old civilization, that indeed, regardless of tribe, regardless of religion, regardless of political parties, regardless of nationalities, and the borders that are dividing us, we are truly, and truly, one family under God.

Indeed, we are interconnected in that vision, that God did not create us as FDC, as DP, as NRM, and all the things that divide us right now, beyond Global South, Global North fighting, everyone. We are saying no, no, Uganda is signing today, to tell the rest of the world, that truly, we are one, one family.

We are here to also tell the world that we are Africans and we share common shared values of Ubuntu. Living for greater good, compassion, sharing, forgiveness, practices of peace and forgiveness, love.

And so, we will not behave contrary to what is in the scripture. If then we say we are human beings, we must do what God designed us in the original composition and menu of humanity.

Amb. Kambula and the family during the celebration

And then it is through that, that we will be able to end identity based conflicts, wars, violence, radicalization. And then we can nurture a new nation, that is focused to fulfill a heavenly vision. That then, our leadership can work, our families can work, the economy can be fixed, technology can be developed, then we can see a world free of guns free from poverty, because we could have to share what we have.

For us to be able to achieve human rights as designed by the United Nations, the economic prosperity and the vision that we have, the democracy that we want to achieve, the environmental conservation, the good governance and all this, the family must be stable first.

The family must be the focus of our program, of the national budget, of the policies we are acting upon, our leadership, how is the family feeling, feeling the mindsets of everyone in the family.

Your Excellency, we are here also to explore best practices, best practices in championing the families that can work for Africa and the world.


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