Amb. Milton Kambula Represents Martin Luther King, III at Pan-African Pyramid Awards

Amb. Kambula represents Martin Luther King, III at 6th PAP Global awards

Global Peace Ambassador Milton Kambula has on behalf of the family of Dr. Martin Luther King III received the Pan- African Pyramid Global Award 2023 that was given to the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr as the Most Distinguished Pan-Africanist of All Times.

This was at the 6th Pan-African Pyramid Global Awards and 10th Anniversary Bon-fire dinner organized at Fairway hotel in Kampala.

Amb. Kambula revealed that Mr. Martin Luther King III and Rev. Al Sharpton were delighted to have been invited to the event but wouldn’t physically attend the function due to their participation in a U.S public holiday that remembers the life and works of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr which coincided with a similar event in Kampala.

“I write to acknowledge on behalf of Rev. Al Sharpton and Dr. Martin Luther King III scheduled to be awardes on the 6th Pan-African Global Awards and the 10th Anniversary Bon-Fire Dinner. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the historic March on Washington and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “Dream” speech,” Amb. Kambula read the letter addressed to him to a huge audience.

Kambula noted that the duo were marking the historic event with a national call to action at the Lincoln Memorial the same day the awards were given out in Kampala.

The award was presented to Amb. Kambula by Bishop Joshua Maponga III Marara a Pan African Philosopher, Amb. Paul Flynn an Environmental Philanthropist and UN peace and Security envoy in region as well as the Cuban Ambassador to Uganda, Amb. Tania Perez Xiques.

Amb. Kambula in his remarks called for all Africans to unite around one big dream of unifying and transforming Africa inline with late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech that changed America. Africa must learn to dream the biggest Dream, and that must be around ending identity based conflict, ending poverty, ending being politically disoriented and ending ignorance on how to utilize the available natural resources to industrialize and produce everything we want here in Africa: we cannot continue begging when we are the richest continent,” Amb. Kambula said.

He noted that, Martin Luther and Rev. Al Sharpton Families love Africa and plans are under way for their official visit to Uganda.

During the event, the Keynote Speaker, Bishop Maponga highlighted a number of bottlenecks that African leaders must urgently address. Maponga noted that these bottlenecks include; governance, education system, business, Agriculture, Science and technology, Media, sports and entertainment and Art and Culture.

He noted that Africa needs to redesign its own governance system tailored towards her own values, principles and aspirations.

Pan African Pyramid Speaker, Andrew Irumba called upon Africans to rise up and resist neo-colonialism and modern-day slavery by the White man.

“We must never forget that they left physically, but they didn’t leave. They are here, but now in the skin of your own brother who presents himself as a politician, a religious leader and an NGO calling himself a development partner. A development partner who takes your Gold, Uranium worth of Billions at night and builds a Shs 500,000/= worth of a borehole for the community during the day. He doesn’t want media when he’s looting African resources at night, but he will invite both local and international media, and a heavily guarded convoy to deliver the borehole,” Irumba said.

The following Pan African leaders were also Awarded:-

1- Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa Deputy Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda: He was given thw AFRICAN RENNAISANCE Award 2023

2- Bishop Maponga Joshua III Marara: he was recorgnized as Internationally acclaimed Pan-Africanist.

3- Ambassador Paul Flynn: he was recorgnized as the most renowned African ENVIRONMENTAL PHILANTHROPIST of the year.

  1. Hamis Kigundu was Awarded with the AFRICAN RENNAISANCE & ICONIC DEV’T ENTREPRENEUR of the year.

5- Dr. Kin Kariisa was Awardes with African IT revolutionist of the year.

6- Ms. Shanta Rabadiya  was recorgnized as the most outstanding Humanitarian Champion of the year.

Others included:-

7- Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde (renowned Pan-Africanist and International Rights lawyer) (Ugandan) AFRICAN RENNAISSANCE [CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER]

8- Richard Byarugaba (a renowned African Iconic Accountant and Economist working with Bank of Uganda [BoU]) (Ugandan)-AFRICAN ICONIC ECONOMIST

9- Tabu Daniel Ogwal (African Renaissance) (Ugandan)-HUMANITARIAN [UBUNTU]

10- Professor Lawrance Muganga-African Revolutionary Educationist

11- H.E Fidel Aljandro Castro-(Most Distinguished Pan-Africanist Of All Times)

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