Amb. Milton to H. E Museveni: Empower BUBU, Secondhand Clothes will Simply Vanish

Peace Service Ambassador Milton Kambula

Global Peace Ambassador, Kambula Milton has highlighted the need to strengthen the “Buy Uganda Build Uganda” (BUBU) project if the country is to successfully ban importation and use of second-hand clothes and items.

The Ambassador made the call while appearing before a weekly socio-economic talk show on Star TV on Saturday morning.

Amb. Kambula said that President Museveni’s intentions of banning importation of second-hand clothes or cars is valid and timely but not well planned and lacking the sustainability framework; he needs advise before putting the 45 million people into the drought of demand and supply question.

“I believe President Museveni is on track and this is a great idea; no one should be putting on secondhand clothes after 40 years of NRM in power but the question is where is BUBU in all this? If you look, it’s the Chinese company that is doing the puported manufacturing or assembly and storage of these items in industrial parks: it’s all about Chinese accessing our regional market while exporting the largest consignments, but not sharing formulars and models for turning raw materials like cotton into processed and manufactured clothes or magnetite and hematite to make car bodies,Kambula said.

“In my book ‘Nurturing a competent African Child’ which I started writting 20 years I go and set to laugh next year, I spelt out that Africa’s liberation struggle will be led by an African who is commited to use the available resources within African communities to transform the economy,” Kambula noted.

Kambula noted that once BUBU is strengthened and fully implemented with government goodwill, it will automatically do away with secondhand clothes, cars, furniture, roofing systems and electronics among others.

As away forward, Kambula advised that the first step is to transform education system and its outcomes.

This is because it’s what guarantees change and innovation so that we are able to make and manufacture things on our own,” Kambula said.

Amb. Kambula blamed post independence governments for lacking clear vision about the future of the country and what African continent deserve.

Kambula said that, “Even those on opposition lack this kind of wisdom; so, as we blame the government we should not just point fingers but somehow share innovative paths towards having a self sustaining and inclusive economy.”

Amb. Kambula is challenging Ugandan leaders to focus on nurturing the population well so that in the next 12 years, Uganda registers 25% of the native African Ugandan population becoming billionairesnot mere slaves and housemaids or security guards for Chinese, Americans, Arabs, Europeans etc.

The mentality of giving incentives to only foreigners need to be reviewed because what the world is teaching us, is clear, to the extend that during Covid-19, Africa was left to die on its own ; with the worst condemnation of not being allowed to make any medicine from the available community raw materials.”

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