New revenue intelligence chief vows to catch tax thieves

David Kalemera has moved to crackdown on tax thieves (Courtesy photo)

KAMPALA, UGANDA – David Kalemera, newly appointed Senior Presidential Advisor and head of the State House Revenue Intelligence and Strategic Operations Unit, has vowed to crack down on tax evasion, warning that all those engaging in fraudulent activities will be exposed.

“All parasites will soon be exposed because there is a lot of taxes the country is losing due to fraud maneuvers and undue influence aided by some corrupt people in the tax administration system,” Kalemera said, emphasizing his commitment to transparency and accountability.

Kalemera pledged to work tirelessly to ensure that the government maximizes its revenue collection and minimizes leakages. “All tax evaders will be exposed,” he stated.

President Yoweri Museveni recently stated on social media, “The thieves are parasites that must be stamped out, and the indisciplined are saboteurs of our fast development and must also be stopped.” He highlighted that Uganda’s GDP of US $55bn should generate at least 20% in taxes, equivalent to US$11bn or Ug.Sh.48 trillion.

Kalemera’s team will work closely with the URA to identify and address loopholes in the tax administration system, ensuring that all revenue due to the government is collected and accounted for.

The unit’s establishment is a significant step towards enhancing transparency and accountability in Uganda’s tax administration system.

With Kalemera at the helm, the government is poised to take a tough stance on tax evasion, and those engaging in fraudulent activities are warned to come clean or face the consequences.


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