Businessman Desh Kananura’s woes escalate as wife, children abandon him

City businessman Desh Kananura and his co-accused during previous court battle

City businessman Desh Kananura and his co-accused during previous court battle

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Embattled businessman Desh Kananura’s troubles have multiplied as his wife, Sheilla, and children have abandoned their Naguru home, citing domestic violence. This development comes just weeks after Ugandan Police authorities revoked his firearms license and confiscated his weapons.

According to sources, Sheilla and the children have relocated to a secure, undisclosed location, leaving Kananura alone in their rented 5-bedroom home, except for the house girl and shamba boy. The wife and children allegedly abandoned the marriage three months ago, seeking refuge in one of her father’s properties until they secured high-level government protection.

Kananura’s woes began when Police authorities removed his three guns, citing numerous complaints of intimidation, extortion, and coercion. Despite multiple reports filed at Kira Road Police Station, no action had been taken against him, allegedly due to his influence over the station’s leadership.

This is not Kananura’s first brush with the law. He was previously charged with murder in 2012, but was acquitted in 2017 due to lack of evidence. The Director of Public Prosecutions had announced plans to appeal the acquittal, citing poorly evaluated evidence.

Kananura’s fall from grace has been swift, with his family’s abandonment being the latest blow. His business dealings and personal life have been marred by controversy, and his once-influential status appears to be dwindling.


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