American actor Terrence Howard meets tycoon Sudhir

Businessman Sudhir Ruparelia held talks with American Actor Terrence Howard (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — American Actor Terrence Howard who is in Uganda on a business trip has met and held a closed-door meeting with city businessman Sudhir Ruparelia.

The meeting brokered by Agriculture Minister Frank Tumwebaze was held at the Commonwealth Speke Resort Munyonyo, a five-star resort owned by Sudhir’s Ruparelia Group.

The weekend meeting whose details have remained confidential was also attended by Terrence’s wife Ms. Mira Pak Terrence.

Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Sudhir and his visitor are likely to have inked a business partnership.

Agriculture Minister Frank Tumwebaze, Sudhir Ruparelia, Actor Terrence Howard and His wife Ms. Mira Pak having a light moment At Speke Resort Munyonyo (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Howard was invited by Minister Tumwebaze to give an address to help attract investment from people in the Ugandan diaspora.

Last week, Terrence Howard told President Museveni that he has been working on a new hydrogen technology and he is hoping to invest in Uganda.

“I went out to explore a new way of understanding how the universe works,” he told the crowd in a video shared by UBC TV.

“I was able to define the grand unified field equation they’ve been looking for, and put it into geometry. What I am saying is that we have invented a new form of flight that I would like to bring here to Uganda to replace the drones, to replace the helicopters, to replace the planes … This is the geometry of hydrogen”.

Howard noted that his discovery has the power to change the world and the new systed code named The Lynchpin, would be able to clean the ocean.

He also shared that the system can defend Uganda from exploitation via cutting-edge drone technology.⁠

“We’re talking about unlimited bonding, unlimited predictable structures, supersymmetry.”⁠ Howard said.

“The Lynchpins are now able to behave as a swarm, as a colony, that can defend a nation. That can harvest food, that can remove plastics from the ocean, can give the children of Uganda and the people of Uganda an opportunity to spread this and sell these products throughout the world,” he added.⁠


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