BAZEL ODEKE: Bamuturaki and technical know-who effect, the rot in Uganda!

The Airline CEO, Jenifer Bamuturaki, has been grilled for irregularly hiring Abbavater Group, private advertising, and branding company belonging to her relative at UGX 2 billion (PHOTO /Courtesy)

The Airline CEO, Jenifer Bamuturaki, has been grilled for irregularly hiring Abbavater Group, private advertising, and branding company belonging to her relative at UGX 2 billion (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Whether there is some kind of metaphysical explanation behind luck or it’s an entirely psychological phenomenon, it’s a universal truth – everybody likes to feel lucky just like CEO Bamuturaki.

It’s greatly devaluing and unethical for all long that tax payers money is being spent on things which have no positive impact on the status quo of the impoverished people in the name of salaries to ghost and cone men and women who by luck or through family syndrome are given jobs irrespective of qualifications.

Is CEO Bamuturaki lucky? Yes and No

Yes! because she was able to get the Job without following the normal procedure that any average Ugandan would be required, being appointed before writing and submitting an application as per advert! Isn’t that luck?

No! because she was given high profiled position which probed the attention of COSASE making her have sleepless nights instead of feasting on 87million with a peace of mind. This reminds me of an old adage, the higher the monkey climbs, the more naked it becomes.

Looking at the status quo in the country where job attainment largely depends on technical know who, Bamuturaki is not an exception literally she was open when she sarcastically expressed to COSASE committee on how her academic papers; Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) got lost and the “other” not picked since 1993, but surprisingly when she is on job!

Figuratively It’s a clear manifestation of the new normal(technical know who) where you can get employed irrespective of papers and qualifications.

Of late, there was a popular intention of employing the sons and daughters of the rich in a bid to fight corruption, what if what we are seeing are the results of intention?

If I may pose a question here, is Bamuturaki alone in the new normal? I leave that to you. I am keeping an eye on the new proposal to have qualification of Members of parliament and the President raised which I know has raised the eyebrows of some culprits

Notably during the speakership race, we saw invalid votes. Sincerely, were invalid votes supposed to be at parliament? Should we say education in Uganda is for the poor and the rich who have money can buy academic papers like “mandazi” at their disposal and use the money to attain positions of interest.

No wonder, we have many educated people languishing in poverty because of the technical know who effect where those who are better positioned ultimately want to better connect siblings and clan relatives irrespective of qualifications. But then, with existing nature of leadership, escalating unemployment and uncertainty who will cater for them!

The committee may have all the necessary grounds to hold Bamuturaki accountable and perhaps have her excused from duty anyway. Well, I have nothing to hold because we need sanity not impunity, we need justice not injustice and we need equality not inequality in the country. However, is this investigation going to continue with all positions or it’s about the “unlucky ones”?

I don’t want to dig deep about the monetary terms because Albert Bandura’s social learning theory sums it all, you learn from the environment you are nurtured in.

The Uganda Airlines was initiated in 1976 and kick started operation in 1977, by 1990 it was in a delicate cash position which later was nailed in 2001. If it wasn’t about administration and corruption, why was it liquidated?

Literally we are in a country where those who are better qualifed have no grounds to execute their professionalism instead end up being governed, headed and ruled by those who have nothing to do with qualifications.

And a few qualified who are given positions have nothing to do for the country because of fear of loosing the job if anything of righteousness happened on job.

What’s happening isn’t about COSASE and Bamuturaki it’s about the rot in Ugandan setting in terms of job and Qualification. What COSASE is doing is to expose the rot in the country. I am convinced we have many Bamuturaki’s whose blood pressure increase whenever COSASE coughs.

So what is the essence of education when actually we need connection more than papers. Anyway this is what we get as a country when institutions become personal not public entities.

As our daughters and sons continue to languish in slavery in a bid to make ends meet, as the state of hospitals continue to worsen, the lucky ones continue to feast on large sums of money that would have created an impact to the many and nothing is being done

We are in total turmoil, the technical know who effect will ruin our country for generations, we need to collectively embrace the ideologies of Ubuntu and work for a country where we see each other as a brother not as a tribe mate.

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