‘Bazzukulu’ start own News paper

KAMPALA- Members of National Resistance Movement commonly known as ‘Bazzukulu’ have launched their own news paper.

The first issue of the Bazzukulu news paper

The paper entitled ‘Bazzukulu’ means the grand children which was unveiled on Wednesday at Baba Television by Hajjati Hadija Namyalo from the office of National Chairman NRM.

At the launch , Namyalo revealed that they decided to come up with their own publication to reduce on the costs which they have been incurring on various media outlets as they popularize Government achievements and programs.

“We pledge as National Chairman to give the youth things in our means to eradicate poverty among all people.”

This 23 page News paper hit the market on Wednesday this week

Namyalo also called upon all the youth country wide to avoid being used by politicians in dubious activities with an intent of getting money

She further added that with life everything is possible but if you lose your life in chaotic activities it will be a loss to you and your family.

The 23 page News paper ‘Bazzukulu’ with a slogan ‘Know your past, present a d Future’ hit the market on Wednesday 29th November 2023 sold at only two thousand Uganda shillings.

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