BBC Journalist Slams Ugandan Ministers as “Boda Boda Riders Trying to Fly Planes”

KAMPALA, UGANDA – BBC journalist Alan Kasujja has sparked a national debate by likening Ugandan ministers to “boda boda riders trying to fly planes” in a scathing critique of the country’s leadership.

Kasujja’s comments came after the resume of Uganda’s Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Joyce Nabbosa, went viral, revealing that her highest qualification is a certificate in Cosmetology. The revelation has raised questions about President Yoweri Museveni’s decision to appoint her to a sensitive position.

“I don’t even know if the ICT Minister had an email address when she was given the job,” Kasujja said in a post on X (formerly Twitter). “I can only think of a handful of ministers that understand their assignment. The rest are boda boda riders trying to fly planes.”

“I think we need an honest and open dialogue as a nation. Let me be clear: I have the utmost respect for their appointments. However, in today’s rapidly evolving world, we need the best of our human capital to stay competitive in the global economy. This we know calls for the qualified individuals leading our ministerial and legislative bodies,” said Alfred Afeku Njoroge, a global environment economist.

“Ambassadors, ministers, heads of government entities, same patronage and nepotism as number one qualifications. And people are surprised that nothing gets done correctly?”, said Peter Ekoru, public management consultant.

“Some one ask her what Data privacy initiatives the government is putting in place as the Gen AI craze moves to Africa with Gen AI needing training data oba, they will just sell the NIRA database so (here is a bad idea) to help win elections,” said a concerned citizen, Apaesh.

As the debate continues, Ugandans are demanding more from their government. “We need leaders who are qualified and competent to lead our country forward,” said Kampala resident, Jane Nalongo. “We can’t continue to be led by individuals who are not up to the task.”


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