Bishop Kibuuka finally free, forgives tormentors

Kira Chief Magistrates Court has acquitted Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka of Mamre Prayer Center Namugongo, over charges of Aggravated torture in which he was accused of causing grievous bodily harm on a 14 year old boy alleged to have stolen his money.

Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka addressing the press before the Devine liturgy at Mamre Prayer Center , Namugongo.

On acquiting Kibuuka from this one year old case, the trial Magistrate Roseline Nsenge in her findings stated that the Prosecution side failed to produce sufficient evidence placing him (Kibuuka) on the scene of crime as one of the means of proving his involvement in committing the offence.

It was also court’s finding that by the time the alleged offence was committed, Bsihop Kibuuka was not within Namugongo , he was away on his other duties in Mpigi district.

At the devine liturgy organized by well wishers , friends and relatives , the joyful Kibuuka revealed that its not him who has fought this battle but it has been the Almighty who has done it.

“There were some ‘Mafias’ as Tamale Mirundi always call them that wanted to put our church down through tarnishing my name. I think they wanted me to face charges of Aggravated torture so that I can be sentenced to life imprisonment which has not bee possible in the Lord’s name.”

Kibuuka also noted that eversince he started worshipping from Namugongo, many people are not happy with him.As a result he has been facing a lot of challenges including fabricated charges which have been wasting his time and money

“I have been the victor in all the fake charges that have been brought against me and since I don’t want to create more friction, I forgive the child , religious leaders hiding behind faith and other women who were brought to testify against me.”

He further added that nothing can heal him from the physiological torture and trauma he under went apart from the Almighty Lord who has been saving him from several traps laid by his enemies.

Prayer to Authorities

Kibuuka pointed that there are many youthful people innocently suffering in prison facilities before knowing their fate which is so unfair

“We call for appointment of more judicial officers so that more cases can be heard and disposed off within a short period. Those who are guilty should know their fate in time , serve their sentences and those who are innocent to be set free.”

In August 2023, Kira road court grade one Magistrate Ivan Seguya charged and remanded Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka on charges of causing grievous harm to a 14 year old boy. Later on he was remanded to Luzira Prison and later on was released on bail after fulfilling the required conditions.


























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