Bishop Kibuuka urges believers to embrace piggery

The presiding Bishop for the Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) in Uganda Jacinto Kibuuka has urged Christians in Kibuku district to embrace and embark on the ongoing piggery farming project introduced by his church in the Eastern region.

Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka in a mass

Bishop Kibuuka made the remarks at EOC Mother Mary Church in Kadama, Kibuku district where had gone for a pastoral and charity visit on Sunday.

Bishop Kibuuka lashed at lazy Christians who have not yet expressed interest in taking up piglets which he gave to them in the piggery project that the EOC church started at their various churches in the country.

In this piggery project the church gives out the piglets to the Christians for free and provides market for them when they grow up. However, they don’t limit the market to only to the church and this gives the farmers liberty to sale to the best bidder.

Bishop Kibuuka said the project is aimed at empowering Christians economically which supplements their core responsibility of spiritual and social nourishment.

In the same way, while at St. Mary Nursery and Primary School, Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka rallied the Christians, parents and pupils to take education as a priority since the future is for the educated and skilled.







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