Bishop Twinomujuni praises Tayebwa’s position on homosexuality, abortion

Bishop Twinomujuni and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa

Bishop Twinomujuni and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa

KAMPALA —The West Ankole Diocese, Rev Johnson Twinomujuni has backed Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa’s firm position on homosexuality and abortion, describing both practices as unchristian.

Bishop Twinomujuni, a vocal cleric and a critic of homosexuality also praised Tayebwa’s resolve to protect the Ugandan and Church values and moral fibre intact amid mounting pressure from the western world.

“We can’t thank our dear Rt. Hon. Tayebwa enough!! It takes more than gallantry to be that bold and solid amidst such a [ACP-EU] meeting,” Bishop Twinomujuni wrote in What’sApp group “West Ankole Diocese” containing church and other leaders who hail from the diocese.

“Those claps in the background are evidence, and so should give us confidence, that we have many more in the world whose moral fibre is still intact. In the struggle against perversion from godliness, we are not alone! Human wrongs should never be upheld as rights! Nobody has a right to do wrong,” the cleric added.

Last week, Tayebwa made Uganda’s position against homosexuality very clear at the 61st session of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States Parliamentary Assembly and 42nd Session of the ACP-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU JPA) in Maputo, Mozambique

“I heard someone saying that LGBT, Homosexuality and Abortion are human rights, which must be respected universally, I just want to assure you, they can never be accepted in Uganda. I’m the Deputy Speaker of Parliament and I can assure you that the Parliament I lead will never pass laws that are against our values,” Tayebwa said receiving thunderous applause from delegates.

Tayebwa also maintained that Ugandan values can never be exchanged for Western funding, and insisted that, “it can never be accepted in Uganda”.

Tayebwa was responding to calls by the European Union under the Post Cotonou agreement to respect abortion, homosexuality and LGBTQ as human rights that must be respected universally.

“We have discovered that with the Post Cotonou agreement, there are hidden clauses concerning human rights. Clauses to do with sexuality, promotion of LGBT/homosexuality and clauses to do with abortion,” he said.

“We are a society that is not ready for homosexuality and we are a society that is not ready for abortion. As Africa, we believe that the institution of the family is at the core of whatever we are doing,” Tayebwa said adding that, ’the EU is demanding that we take a certain root, they should also know the character of our society’.

Religious leaders under the Inter Religious Council of Uganda, the umbrella association of religious bodies in the country have previously asked Parliament to block attempts that seek to promote homosexuality, abortion and LGBTQ practices

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