Bob Tayebwa: A Shining Example of Zeal and Determination in Insurance Sales

Tayebwa joined ICEA LION Insurance in 2019, but had a slow first month, signing just four policies.

Bob Tayebwa’s passion for selling insurance is unmatched, and his success is a testament to his hard work and dedication. As the Best Life Insurance Agent of 2023, Tayebwa has consistently excelled in his field, earning him numerous awards and recognition.

Tayebwa’s journey in insurance sales began over 13 years ago, and his love for selling was evident from the start. He was inspired by an ICEA LION Insurance agent who convinced him to invest in a policy for his son. “I built rapport with the agent after purchasing the policy, we became good friends and along the way I inquired about her work and how lucrative it was. She was earning over three times what I was earning at the time, and I had worked much longer than her,” narrated Bob.

Tayebwa joined ICEA LION Insurance in 2019, but had a slow first month, signing just four policies. However, he persisted, and his sales skyrocketed from just a few policies in his first month to an eight-figure monthly commission. By 2023, he was not only surpassing his monthly sales targets by 50% but also the monthly premium target by 100%.

“Most agents go to people and talk about death, disability, and uncertainty. Who wants to hear that? Instead, I focus on people’s goals,” he explained. Bob believes that understanding a client’s aspirations is crucial. “When you talk about their goals, they lighten up and open up about their finances. I ask them straightforwardly; What goals are you seeing for yourself in the next five to ten years?”

This client-centric approach has helped Bob build a strong rapport with his clients and by helping clients identify their goals, Bob tailors his policy options to meet their specific needs, making insurance feel more like a partnership than a mere transaction.

“Do you have a policy with ICEA LION Insurance?” These were Bob Tayebwa’s parting words at the end of the interview, signaling his passion for selling insurance.

Tayebwa attributes his success to God, commitment to his job, support from ICEA LION, his mentor’s wisdom, and his wife’s motivation, encouragement, and moral support. “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to IRA and UIA for their commitment to maintaining a level playing field for agents. Special thanks to ITC for equipping me with invaluable insurance knowledge. I’m also deeply appreciative of the supportive network of fellow agents and the nurturing leadership at ICEA LION, which has fostered an environment conducive to my growth and success.” Bob expressed with sincere appreciation.

He advises his fellow and upcoming agents to be professional, persistent, and continuously willing to learn to make it in the challenging industry. “My calendar has scheduled appointments up to 2027, and I intend to follow up until then,” he added.

Tayebwa’s story serves as an inspiration to those in the insurance industry, and his dedication to helping people achieve their goals is a testament to his authentic passion for sales.


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