Buganda Kingdom unveils UGX157.8billion budget

Buganda Kingdom Finance Minister Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa displays the Budget briefcase

Buganda Kingdom’s Finance Minister Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa displays the Budget briefcase

Buganda Kingdom Lukiiko has approved a budget totaling 157.84 billion Shillings to support different activities of the monarchy in the coming financial year 2022/2023.

The Budget was approved following its presentation by the Kingdom Minister of Finance, Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa.

The new budget under the theme “Enhancing Service Delivery to the People As a United Team” is 36.35 billion Shillings higher than the current 2021/2022 financial year budget.

“During the budget preparation for the next financial year 2022/2023, we were keen on the financial challenges that continue to be posed by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Nsibirwa. “The Kingdom paid attention to different sources of income and the activities to be funded. For that matter, we have not planned to start any new company in the budget. Emphasis is going to be put on service delivery and financial stability of the already existing companies.”

He said that the key funding activities that have led to the budget increase are under support towards Education services with a budget of 20 billion Shillings. Nsibirwa revealed that the Kingdom plans to construct 2 Early Child Development Centres in Bulemeezi and Kyaggwe Counties and construction of more class rooms at Bbowa Secondary and Vocational School in Bulemeezi.

The Kingdom also plans to invest in the construction of 6 shopping malls and more houses at Mirembe Villas, Kigo and Sentema in the new financial year at a cost of 22.65 billion Shillings.

The malls are to be built at Mukungwe in Buddu County, Nyenga, Kyaggwa County, Busimbi, Ssingo County, Kira, Kyadondo County, Busaabala, Kyadondo County and Maddu in Gomba County.

The Kingdom has also allocated a budget of 31.78 billion shillings towards Markets and Cooperatives, 3.18 billion for Environment, 2.29 billion for Youth and Sports activities.

The other priority areas for funding by the Kingdom are the scheduled construction of 3 Kingdom Health facilities at the level of Health Centre IV in Nyenga, Kyaggwe County, Mukungwe, Buddu County and Busimbi, Singo County.

Nsibirwa also noted that the new budget will ensure equipping two other health facilities that were earlier built at Kalasa, Bulemeezi County and Nsangi, Busiro County. He says that services in these hospitals will not be free but at moderate fees.

According to a copy of the budget, the construction and equipping of the facilities and other health interventions by the kingdom are budgeted at 4.27 billion Shillings.

The other key funding activity highlighted by Nsibirwa is Agriculture through the ‘Mwanyi Terimba Limited’ Company that was started by the Kingdom.

He said that the company is to be supported to ensure that it takes part in the purchase of coffee from farmers and also add value to the produce. The Kingdom also plans to purchase motorcycles for agriculture trainers in the 18 counties to facilitate them with transport to farmers in a bid to improve produce.

Nsimbirwa also revealed that 18 model farms are going to be started in the Kingdom Counties and that all these agricultural interventions have been budgeted at 2.2 billion Shillings.

The other funding lines are Culture and Heritage activities including the completion of the Kasubi Tombs reconstruction, renovation works at Wamala Tombs, allfor 3.12 billion Shillings.

Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikkiro of Buganda said that the budget theme is key since it focuses on the well-being of the kingdom subjects general development in the country.

The budget will be financed with funds from Envujjo, Busuulu and Kanzu (24.7 billion Shillings), debt payment from the Central Gocernment ( 5 billion), student payments (18.14 billion), development partners (29.12 billion), Sports (4.43 billion), Communication Stations (28.4 billion), Tourism (870 million), Cooperatives (32.51 billion) and others.

The other sources of funding are Buganda Certificates and Kingdom Portraits (2.09 billion), Buganda Kingdom Education Institution’s Development Fund (276.8 million), Buganda Cultural and Heritage Support Fund (757.1 million), Buganda Royal Law Chambers (500 million) among others.

Meanwhile, Nsibirwa revealed that the institution raised more funds in the current financial year 2021/2022 compared to its projected target.

Budget figures seen by this website indicate that the Kingdom has so far collected 124.66 billion Shillings in the current financial year 2021/2022 up from its targeted budget estimate of 121.4 billion.

The excess collection has been realized from Envujjo, Busuulu and Kanzu collections from which the Kingdom had budgeted a collection of 18.5 billion but has so far collected 23 billion, while Buganda Certificates and Kingdom Portraits raised 1.62 billion Shillings up from the targeted 1.17 billion and others.


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