Chinese construction firm CCCC touches Children’s lives at SOS Village with food items

Officials from the China Communications Construction Company hand over food items to the SOS Children’s Village on Saturday (PHOTO/Courtesy).

WAKISO — China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), a Chinese construction firm on Saturday donated food items including rice, maize flour, beans, milk and sugar to SOS Children’s village to help them live better.

SOS Children’s Villages Uganda is an independent, not-for-profit social development organization that has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children.

The beneficiaries stay in the SOS Children’s Village in Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso District.

These children, aged between 2 and around 18, didn’t have adequate parental care before they were brought to this home-like complex with social workers, who stay with children like their mothers.

Some children living there are orphans, while others lived in vulnerable situations, whose parents could be drug users or drinkers.

CCCC Country Manager, Zheng Biao who handed over the food items
told the children living in the SOS Children’s Village that he hopes they can happily grow up and study well.

“This is the fourth time we are extending assistance to SOS Children’s village because we believe children are the leaders of tomorrow. Knowledge is power. Knowledge will change your life. You should study hard and make progress every day,” Biao said.

He added that CCCC would continue to support them.

“Children are the world’s hope for better future. You will become the main force to drive the development of this country in future,” he added.

Mr. Biao however, noted that delivering infrastructure projects is not enough, adding that by giving back to communities like SOS Children’s Village, they aim at ensuring support to society.

“We are here today because we believe people deserve to live in the best conditions of life to achieve their full potential. We are passionate about people and such gestures like this are a testament to CCCC’s commitment to the people of Uganda and a win-win relationship.”

Mr. Godfrey Otto, the village’s Programme Manager, hailed CCCC for their kind gesture.

“We are very proud of our friendship with the Chinese people through China Communications Construction Company Limited who have remained committed to making a donation to our children every year,” Otto said.

Although there have been donors, but the organization still needs more assistance in funding and materials to provide children with better care, he said.

He added that they look after 180 children at this particular centre but noted there are other centres spread across the country taking care of more than 1,000 children,

“The children you see present today look this good because of the support of friends like CCCC. We want to thank you again, our friends from CCCC for choosing to give our children a chance. Your willingness to support our children makes all the difference for us and for them,” Otto added.

CCCC is the company that constructed Entebbe-Expressway, expansion of old Entebbe road and Entebbe International Airport expansion works among other projects in the country

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