Court Confirms Charges of Aggravated Trafficking Against Bukwo District boss and others

The International Crimes Division of the High Court presided by the Hon. Lady Justice Alice Komuhangi Khaukha on Tuesday confirmed charges of Aggravated Trafficking in Persons and Aggravated Defilement against Chelimo Julius Moses – LCV Chairman, Aggravated Trafficking in Persons against Kwemoi Joshua and the charge of Promoting Trafficking in Persons against Chelimo Felix.

Chelimo Julius, Bukwo District Chairperson (Courtesy photo)

The prosecution disclosed to the court various pieces of evidence as exhibits to the effect that Chelimo Julius Moses was the LCV Chairman of Bukwo District while the victim was a student of Primary Seven (P7) at Kyepkwasta Primary School also in Bukwo District.

The victim then aged 16 years was living with her sister (complainant). Chelimo Julius Moses tried to lure the victim into a love affair but the victim resisted until 21st October 2022 when he sent Kwemoi Joshua, the victim’s uncle to entice the victim for him.

Kwemoi Joshua managed to entice the victim and even promised her that Chelimo Julius Moses would give her money. Kwemoi Joshua picked up the victim from her sister’s home and transported her to the home of Chelimo Felix where they found Chelimo Julius Moses waiting for her.

Chelimo Julius Moses was seated in the visitor’s bedroom and Kwemoi Joshua handed the victim to him. Chelimo Julius Moses gave money to Kwemoi Joshua for accomplishing the task of bringing the victim.

Chelimo Julius Moses then had sexual intercourse with the victim in the night and promised that he would marry her, take her to Kampala, and return her to Bukwo after her parents had cooled down.

The next day, Chelimo Julius Moses left the victim in the bedroom and promised to return and pick her.

In his absence, Chelimo Felix’s wife provided the victim with food. As the victim was waiting for Chelimo Julius Moses to return, Kwemoi Joshua instead came to the home and informed her that Chelimo Julius Moses was unable to return to her because he had been called at Police. Chelimo Julius Moses was being investigated for another offence similar to this one.

The victim feared to return to her sister’s home and instead went and started wandering in her friends’ homes until 27th October 2022 when her sister was informed about her whereabouts. The victim then revealed her ordeal to her sister who reported the matter to Police hence the charges against the three accused persons.

The court considered all the evidence disclosed as a whole and established that the Prosecution had demonstrated that each of the accused persons had committed the offences they were charged with. The charges were accordingly confirmed against all the accused persons and the matter was referred for trial.

The Prosecution was represented by Ms. Marion Ben-Bella, Senior State Attorney from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.









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