Court convicts Iganga Service Commission Secretary for abuse of office


Kampala – The Secretary, Iganga District Service Commission, Munyu Nyende has today been convicted of Abuse of Office by Principal Magistrate Grade 1, His Worship Nabende Moses Mushebebe of the Anti-Corruption Court.

Munyu Nyende changed his plea to the plea of guilty after Mr. Khaukha James – State Attorney in the Office of the DPP produced several witnesses to testify against him.

Munyu Nyende was a Principal Human Resource Officer, Iganga District Local Government who also doubled as a Secretary, Iganga District Service Commission. In February 2022, he forwarded to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Iganga District Local Government a Minute Extract of the District Service Commission containing 75 candidates for appointment as Education Assistants.

The 75 candidates were accordingly appointed by the CAO but before posting them, the CAO received whistleblower information to the effect that the candidates had been irregularly appointed.

The District Service Commission had selected and recommended only 29 candidates for appointment but Munyu Nyende altered the Minute Extract and included 46 additional candidates. The Commission disowned the additional 46 as not selected and recommended by them.

Munyu Nyende admitted altering the Minute Extract to include the additional candidates. The candidates who were irregularly appointed were later deployed because they were holding appointment letters and as such, the District found difficulty in terminating them without risking being sued.

While sentencing Munyu Nyende to a fine of Ug. Shs. 2,500,000, the Magistrate said that Munyu Nyende’s action of usurping the powers of the District Service Commission to select and recommend personnel for appointment negatively portrayed the image of the District Service Commission as an institution that does not follow proper recruitment processes.

Munyu Nyende was barred from holding a public office for the next 10 years.

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