Democracy, Justice and rule of law will be our compass in my govt! Prince Emmanuel Musanje outlines priorities as he eyes presidential seat in 2026

Prince Emmanuel Musanje (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Prince Emmanuel Musanje (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — My great people of Uganda, I would like take this opportunity to address you on issue of democracy. By democracy, I’m talking about rule of law and strengthening and enhancing institutional leadership.

I want to assure you that we don’t have an option. The only option is democracy because it’s only a system that can hold our country in total peace.

First and foremost, let us understand the genesis of the word Democracy. Democracy comes from two Greek words (DEMOS AND KRATOS) Means PEOPLE AND POWER OR RULE) The true definition of democracy is a system of government in which laws, policies, leadership and major undertakings of a state or other polity are directly or indirectly decided by the people.

After that preamble, I think we all now understand the meaning of democracy. Our democracy shall be tied to our own struggles for justice, dignity, freedom, rule of law, accountability and responsiveness for people are inseparable.

I will promote rights of free protests and assembly rights, the rights to political accountability and responsiveness.

Democracy is like a fragile flower but still needs to cultivating, if we want to witness the gradual growth of freedom and democracy ideals, we must take action to assist the campaign for democracy. We must foster the infrastructure of democracy, the system that can give 100% free press and free mobilisation of political parties countrywide with no limitations.

These will give the population confidence to choose their own way, with no vote rigging, no hate speeches, no bribing voters with money, sugar, shops, etc.

But we should also develop the culture for reconciling our differences through peaceful means so in hindsight, we must define who we are, and I think we are people worthy of freedom and determine our future, With the too much imperfections of current regime of NRM government, today, the country can’t generate the national solutions that we need to solve bigger problems.

I think it’s time to aspire to the ideal the democratic values and human rights, the notion that Ugandans it is correct to say that frankly we are correctly disappointed with how democracy is performing in Uganda, but with this unbridled confidence in what we stand for and what we believe in, we shall overcome, to strengthen our democracy, we should adopt the system of a running mate not assistant were the president cannot remove the deputy and this will help to bring checks and balance to the government. Ugandans should do away with personalising politics. It should be defined in terms of ideas and putting people’s interest above everybody

Politics should not make us enemies, it is inconceivable for me that Uganda has periodic elections but we continue to witness undemocratic practices were people in power instrumentalizing ethnicity, ethnic belonging and family belonging, instead of generating conversions on policy directions and competency, the Interest and values of our communities, like economy, gender, and corruption, this will be cured if Ugandans vote for me as their president 2026.

My government will respect the minorities, solidarity of all Ugandans and integration, effective service delivery, effective participation, effective proportional representation.

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity will be in centre stage to make our democracy strong.

Amply highlighted every Ugandan will be free and happy with his/her country with strong democracy. Uganda will be in great position with more modest, much less expensive, much less imbued and our values, our country will be a great home for everybody, my team ideally we should continue dialogue upon to lead the country.

God Bless Uganda.


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