Designer Latif Madoi released on bail

Kasangati grade one Magistrate Edgar Nyakairu granted bail to Latif Madoi a celebrated fashion designer who was arrested on allegations of being in possession of attires similar to those of the military and Uganda Police.

Latif Madoi being accompanied by Prison warden at court on Monday (Photo by NUP)

He has been released on a cash bail of one million shillings and all his sureties have signed a bond of two million shillings each.

This came after court got convinced that all the sureties presented were substantial and have capacity to ensure that Latif appears before court wherever he is required to do so.

The matter has been adjourned to 29th July 2024, for mentioning.

By the time of his release, Madoi had already lost his dreadlocks since the Prisons Authority under their policy, dint allow inmates to have long hair.


Madoi was arrested last month by Police following a raid at his home and fashion school located in Jokolera village, Kasangati town council, Wakiso district.

He is remembered as the person who designed Hon Robert Kyagulanyi’s red overall which he always uses on several occasions.















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