DR. MANDLA LAMBA: Now is the time for the green revolution

Dr. Mandla Lamba is the Founder & CEO - Agilitee (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Dr. Mandla Lamba is the Founder & CEO – Agilitee. Dr. Lamba is the richest person in South Africa and second richest in Africa. (PHOTO /Courtesy)

I want to pause for a minute and adore the first business leader of the free world Mr Bill Gates. I was in village shepherding sheep when I learned about him and he continues to inspire me till this day.

He took over from the likes of Andrew Carnegie and led the world to a new charge that even today, you can’t use a laptop without Microsoft no matter where you are in the world, except fot those whoe are using Apple by another business giant.

He has shaped who we, the leaders of the New World have become and from him we have learned that when we have been blessed enough to fulfill our purpose we will step down and let the new generation lead.

His ability to know when it’s time to step aside and let the new generation lead is commendable as he understands that the New World Order is here and that there’s a global power shift. I wish this for Billionaires in South Africa where 93% of the population is black and yet until Agilitee came there was only one black dollar billionaire in that kind of population set up.

I pray the that this one evil monopolist will back down and accept the change that needs to happen in South Africa. South Africa through a deal structured by the former President Jacob Zuma is now officially the role model in the New World Order for the entire continent. It is time for the minority to allow South Africa to be free in order to assist Africa to champion the change needed for the green revolution.

I have been sent by God to lead the continent and usher it to the New World Order and Agilitee and everything I touch with my hands are vehicles that God seeks to transform lives through. The ever wonderful Mr Gates understands the time, I hope you will stop being evil against black people and do the right things along with your media cabal before I mention your name and every individual who has helped you attack us last year.

Step aside before we push you out of South Africa, we are not our ancestors that your ancestors oppressed and we as a movement will destroy everything that you stand on and you woll go doen as the most evil leader in South Africa, our God means change.

This writer, Dr. Mandla Lamba, is the Founder & CEO – Agilitee


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