EACJ President launches Sourcebook on Good Governance

On Monday, East African Court of Justice (EACJ) President, Hon. Justice Nestor Kayobera launched the Sourcebook on Good Governance and Rule of Law in East African Community & the Litigators’ Manual.

EACJ President Judge Nestor Kayobera with CEPIL’s Francis Gimara (Courtesy photo)

EACJ President Judge Nestor Kayobera with CEPIL’s Francis Gimara (PHOTO/Courtesy)

During the launch of the two resource texts which happened at the EAC Headquarters, His Lordship congratulated Senior Counsel Francis Gimara, the Director of Programs, Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL), and his Team for organizing these important Training for the Advocates in the EAC Partner States.

The Judge President noted the steady progress in the increase of the number of Advocates to be trained this year compared to the previous training, where 15 participants from each Partner State participated, unlike this year where 50 participants are expected to be trained in each Member State.

Judge President urged CEPIL that, going forward they should plan to also train the Attorneys General and other government officials who are the key players in the execution of Good Governance and Rule of Law.

He further encouraged CEPIL to also consider both Private and Government Lawyers, since they all appear before the Regional Court.

The Principal Judge, Justice Yohane Masara also commended CEPIL for letting the Judges be part of the program as one of the beneficiaries, the Judge noted that no doubt the Resource Texts will be valuable to the users.

Justice Masara urged the Stakeholders to use these resources effectively to ease their practice before the Regional Court.

On his part Senior Counsel Mr. Francis Gimara, Director of Programs Centre for Public Interest Law, indicated that the Two Resource Texts will form a basis of the Training and to guide Lawyers who practice before the EACJ. He said that the Sourcebook is a useful text on the jurisprudence of the EACJ & the Litigators’ Manual provides a quick guide to the Advocates in EAC Partner States who litigate before the EAC Court.

Mr. Gimara informed the Judges that, the Training schedules are set for this year as follows; from 18th -19 May in the United Republic of Tanzania, 25th -26th May in the Republic of Rwanda, 8th -9th June, in the Republic of Kenya, 15th – 16th June in the Republic of Uganda and 4th-5th July 2023 in the Republic of Burundi.

Gimara said that CEPIL will also plan to conduct the Training in the Republic of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In attendance also were the Judges of the EACJ Appellate Division, Deputy Registrar, and other Staff of the Court as well as the Members of the Media.

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