Education Officer Urges Moral Emphasis for Children in Kanungu District: A School Celebration Recap

Mr. Sunday Charles, the District Education Officer of Kanungu District, has emphasized the importance of not only educating children but also instilling morals in them, as they are our support in old age.

He said these during the celebration of Mukono Primary School’s open day on October 13, 2023, at the school’s playground in Kanungu District. He commended Head Teacher Babiris Enos for the improvements at Mukono Primary School during his tenure.

Mr. Charles condemned witches who hinder children’s futures, a prevalent issue in many areas, even preventing schools from recognizing their top performers.

He also called on council members to advocate for better tourism roads, particularly highlighting the poor condition of Kyeshero road.

Hon. Byamukama Francis, District Councillor representing Buhoma Town Council and Secretary for Works, raised three crucial points:

The need for comprehensive career guidance for children.

The issue of sponsored children in Bwindi who often drop out before completing their education, leading to a lack of diversity in career choices.

He appreciated the District Education department for their support, which has allowed Buhoma Town Council to register many division one students.
He also requested the DEO for a female teacher at Rubona Primary School to cater to older girls who need female guidance.

Basheija Moses, the Mayor of Buhoma Town Council, commended Head Teacher Babiirisa Enos, the school’s management, and staff for their hard work, contributing to good performance in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) among UPE schools in the district. He also requested support for an additional school in Buhoma.

Shaban Adam, Principal Inspector of Schools in Kanungu District, emphasized the importance of students respecting their teachers and urged parents to prioritize their children’s education.

Busigye Levi, Chairman of the school’s management, expressed gratitude to the Diocese of Kinkiizi for providing land and to UWA for their park conservation efforts, which have attracted sponsors and well-wishers to support the school.

Head Teacher Babirisa Enos highlighted the school’s achievements, including increased enrollment, infrastructure improvements, and their lunch and breakfast programs.

He also mentioned their success in sports and presented various challenges and future plans, including fencing the school, improving facilities, and seeking support from the education department and development partners.

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