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EXCLUSIVE: Minister Mao set to be introduced in Secret Kwanjula function today

Mao and Kayanja enjoying a meal

Mao and Kayanja enjoying a meal

KAMPALA – Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Nobert Mao is set to be introduced by his hugger-mugger lover Beatrice Kayanja in a covert Kukyala function.

The highly clandestine function scheduled for Sunday, February 25, 2024 afternoon will be graced by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo, a close friend of the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister.  Other bigwigs from the government and the Democratic Party are expected to attend the function.

Disporian Beatrice who is the Research Assistant of the Democratic Party (DP) returned to Uganda in 2020 to contest for Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayorship but was locked out of the race by the Electoral Commission for failing to meet the requisite demands.

Reports then came up that she was making out her Democratic Party President General Nobert Mao. This version of events was collaborated by her then-husband, Martin Kayanja, who accused her of getting too close to Mao given his single status.

Mao’s 16-year marriage to Naomi Achieng Adong was dissolved by the High Court (Family Division) in 2019.

Justice Godfrey Namundi dissolved the marriage in his judgment delivered on May 27, 2019, on a petition filed by Achieng accusing Mao of cruelty and desertion. Mao, who had three children with Achieng following their civil marriage on August 8, 2003, is said to have deserted his wife for eight years.

Initially, Beatrice also known as Bae Kay was enrolled in NRM, when she didn’t get NRM endorsement for mayorship, she tried People Power before it became NUP, still, she was not endorsed and went to DP where she was endorsed right away.

This fast endorsement coupled with her close relationship with Mao lately must have hit Mr. Kayanja so hard.

Beatrice files for divorce

Two years ago, Beatrice Kayanja, the woman in the middle of a storm around the Democratic Party boss petitioned the High Court Family Division to dissolve her marriage with her longtime UK-based hubby Martin Kayanja and father of her children.

Beatrice filed a divorce case vide HCT-00-FD-DC-0021-2021 and the case was assigned to Lady Justice Ketra Katunguka Kitarisibwa.

An insider revealed that when their relationship developed thorns, their relatives tried several avenues of making them reconcile and settle the matter in vain.

It should be noted that last year, Mr. Kayanja surfaced on social media in a video making various allegations that he had been suspecting that his wife was cheating on him.

In a video clip that was widely circulated on social media, Kayanja accused the top politician of wrecking his marriage. Kayanja, who lives in London UK, pleaded with the politician to look for other women and ‘give his wife space’.

In the video, Kayanja revealed that his wife came to Uganda on a business visit in March 2020 and has since refused to return to London to rejoin the family. In the clip, Kayanja begs his wife to respect her marriage and return home.

Beatrice is an IT engineer who studied at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, where she lived with her family until early 2020 when she returned to Uganda.

She later announced her candidacy for the Kampala Lord Mayor seat in the 2021 general elections before she was blocked by the Electoral Commission on account of failure to present her citizenship credentials.

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