FACT CHECKER: How viral audio was fabricated to put Pastor Ssenyonga, Kayanja on collision course

Pastor Robert Kayanja and Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

CLAIM: An audio clip is making rounds on social media with unidentified individuals —accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Center Cathedral, Rubaga of sodomizing them.


The audio is fabricated to frame Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga in an act of blackmail to put the two men of God at a collision course.

According to our assessment, the clip, creates an impression that Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga set up the malicious boys to accuse his counterpart, Robert Kayaja.

In the audio, the boys claim that Pastor Ssenyonga sent them to blackmail Kayanja.


The viral clip is only part of the lengthy conversation trimmed to achieve un identified agenda and in the process divert from asking the hard and real questions regarding the so many sodomy allegations against Pastor Kayanja spanning over 30 years.

The said boys (a new group different from the recently arrested group of boys who were said to have stormed Rubaga Miracle Centre to claim their money), have for years recorded themselves on social media accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of sodomizing them since they were minors (below 18 years old).

A minor is a person who has not reached full legal age which in Uganda’s case is 18 years of age and is still considered a child or a juvenile.

In some clips, we have seen, they alleged that their life was in danger and wanted the government and other security agencies to rise to the occasion and protect them.

We have also established that given that the accused is a popular person and out of suspicion that police might easily be compromised, the boys sought to seek audience with Pastor Ssenyonga, a renowned leader who has for decades stood against falsehood in Churches in Uganda, for counseling and also linking them to influential people in security and government for their safety.

During the meeting (as heard in the clip), the boys narrated horrible stories of how Kayanja forcefully penetrated their ‘boots’, and that the same is done to so many unsuspecting youths at his Church.

Not wanting to believe basing on hearsay, Pastor Ssenyonga is heard in the audio clip asking whether the boys had any recorded evidence implicating the Rubaga Pastor, to which the boys responded to the affirmative, but said had not moved with it.

He is then heard advising them that they can only be believed if such evidence is availed.

“It is our role as the Church to prayerfully help those in need. However, for you to get further help with security, there should be enough undisputed evidence for your allegations to stand,” Pastor Ssenyonga told the boys as heard in the lengthy audio clip.

In response, they assured him that they can get the said evidence. The Pastor then told them that once evidence is availed, he will link them to any person they would like in the government and security as requested, for their safety.

Analysis: Matter of blackmail and diversion

One of the boys in the circulated audio clip that seeks to tarnish Pastor Ssenyonga’s reputation had way back in 2015 recorded and posted a video on YouTube alleging that Kayanja had raped and sodomized him and later caused him to be imprisoned for one year on trumped up charges way before he met Pastor Senyonga.

One wonders why Ssenyonga would now ask him to record another video accusing Kayanja!

Additionally, he ran to the Church seeking help and security since he was tired of living in hiding after being falsely accused of trumped up charges and imprisoned as seen in one of the YouTube Videos he recorded. At the time, Pastor Ssenyonga was not even living in Uganda.

Ironically, to prove that the hired machineries to deflate the issues are up to task, the circulated voice recording was back in 2020 and very separate from the current posts of the boys who are fighting to get their grievances addressed.

Also, those involved in the circulated clips accusing Kayanja are different boys from those whose clips are conveniently edited to frame Pastor Senyonga. What a shock!

The boy claims he was later forced to record another video denouncing contents in the first video because his relatives including his Auntie were imprisoned.

The condition of their release was to him to change his story on camera and said he lied in the first video where he claimed that kayanja raped him. So three years later he recorded another video claiming he was never raped, that’s when his Auntie and others were released.

Pointing the finger at Pastor Ssenyonga

It is surprising that the finger is now pointed at Pastor Ssenyonga who simply demanded evidence from Kayanja’s accusers.

This, seem to be a well orchestrated strategy used to change the conversation from the real issue and divert public attention from the boys and their sodomy allegations and set up Pastor Ssenyonga as a topic of discussion and turn the gun to a fellow Pastor due to fear or inability to address the claims raised by the boys.

“Why can’t Pastor Kayanja come out and deny the allegations publicly. Such tactics are not helpful. Him as a man of God, should call for a press conference and clear the air on all the allegations against him. He can’t run away from them basing on technicalities on who have the boys talked to, who did they give the evidence, how can I damage the reputation of that individual who might have evidence, so that when it eventually comes out it will not be believed by the public” says a social commentator.

The same was reechoed by Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries International. He said: “The world only awaits to listen to Pastor Kayanja’s voice. I am eagerly waiting to hear his word denouncing homosexuality other than having his wife Jessica act as his put bull. Let him come out boldly in the public and refute all the allegations of sodomy that have for years been thrown against him.”

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