Finally… to my shock, I discovered that my wife’s lover was my brother who is HIV+ (PART IV)

Over the last three days, we have documented the tribulations of a husband who discovered to his horror that his loving wife of nine years was cheating on him.

The man was first alerted to his wife’s cheating ways by a series of WhatsApp messages she exchanged with a mystery man.

In the third part which ran yesterday, the man further discovered that the wife was carrying out her schemes from their marital home so he laid a trap to nab her.

In the fourth and second last part today, the man finally discovers that the wife was cheating on him with someone he had grown up with, his brother who is HIV positive. Read on.


Almost immediately after I had left my house, Linnet sent a message to Licky D informing him that I had already left and that she was preparing to go drop Keagan at the play date after which she would head to town.

They chatted for a while and then the texts stopped.

I stayed in town for about an hour when Jerry called informing me that my wife had just driven off. I got an uber and went back to meet Jerry at his watch place. So far, everything was going on as planned.
If I say that I wasn’t shaking with anxiety and anger, I’d be lying.

At some point, Jerry even suggested that I let him handle the situation since I was in such a bad shape but I told him that I would take care of it. We both went into my house to carry out the rest of the plan.

In our home, there was an extra room that we had since decided to use for storage. We kept building materials that we had left from the time our house had been constructed.

No one really ever went in there and we kept it lock always especially because we never wanted to risk Keagan ever going in there and getting hurt.

I unlocked it with my set of keys(Linnet and I each had keys to every room in the house including the gate) and went in.
The plan was that I would lock myself in there and wait for my wife and her lover to come home.

heating wife,The room was situated along the corridor leading to our master bedroom so one way or the other I was bound to hear them the moment they got in the house.

I gave Jerry the rest of the keys apart from the one to the room and as planned, he was to lock the back door through which we had come in plus the gate and was to go back to the rented car and keep waiting.

It was hours of waiting. It was like for some reason time had stood still on us.
Jerry and I texted from time to time, he was all through encouraging me to remain calm and handle the issue in a mature way.

At around 6PM in the evening, a text came from Jerry telling me that my wife had just pulled up into our compound.
He said there was someone at the passenger’s seat but that he couldn’t make out who it was because he couldn’t see well from where he was watching.

I put my phone on silent mode and waited.
My heart beat picked pace, it was beating so hard and fast that for a moment I thought they would hear it.

Out of nowhere, my hands were suddenly moist, the adrenaline rush was real.
I heard the doors open and my wife laughing seductively and then there was sounds of them kissing before a man’s voice said, ” Let’s have a quick shower sugar.”

I almost fainted from shock of recognizing who the man was, without realizing it, I wetted my pants.

It was my big brother Jack. There was no doubting that deep husky voice of his.
For a moment I thought I was dreaming, I tried convincing myself that there must have been a mix up, a mistake of some sort, there was just no way in hell that Licky D could be Jack.

Jack wouldn’t do that to me, not that level of betrayal, there was just no way.
Allow me take you guys back a little back.

You see Jack wasn’t my biological brother, no we didn’t come from the same womb. Jack’s mum used to be my mum’s customer back in the day.

My mum used to have a big hardware store where she sold hardware at both wholesale price and retail price. Jack’s mum used to come with him from time to time to buy from my mum’s store though not frequently.

Overtime, my mum got to know that Jack’s mum was a widow.

Her husband, Jack’s dad had died of HIV and his people had blamed it on her even though she swore she never stepped out of their marriage and as a result of those accusations they had chased them away and promised to kill her and her son if they ever stepped foot in his father’s village ever again.

Her own family also rejected her due to the fact that she and her son were constantly ailing.

She confessed to my mum that she was HIV positive and that Jack had been positive. Back in the day, things were as advanced as they are now to the extent of children being protected from being birthed positive and people weren’t as accepting as they are today of the virus.

HIV was a topic that was discussed behind closed doors in hushed tones.
My mum got so fond of Jack and his mum and often went out of her way to help them.

And then came one August where Jack’s mum’s health really deteriorated.

My mum took Jack to come live with us and then had his mum admitted in the hospital but within that same week of admission, she passed on.
I remember the sadness that engulfed my entire family, every single one of us couldn’t stop the tears that flowed for days.

I was 13 years old and Jack was 14 at that time. Having grown up in a household full of girls since I was the only boy, it was finally awesome to have someone whom I could regard as a brother.

Jack’s mum was buried in a cemetery, no one from either side of the family was willing to claim her, they said that she was a curse to the society. At her funeral, we were the only family present.
Her loss took a toll on Jack, we could see that.

My mum got him to see a counselor and with time there were some improvement.
Mama, with the help of doctors got him to understand fully his status and why it was important to take his ARVs.

Life in our house was a lot of fun. There was always laughter all round. My mum treated all of us equally and each person wasn’t spared whenever they did wrong.
She ensured that Jack felt welcomed and included.

She worked hard, sacrificed so much and took us all to the best schools.
Jack loved her so much, he called her mum. Whenever we would go out, she would also introduce him as her son to all that cared to listen.

She never missed a visiting day in school and never missed any of Jack’s doctor’s appointments.

Jack’s status was something that we all kept a secret, it wasn’t something that we discussed with anyone outside our small family because we never wanted him to face stigma or the cruelty out there.
Jack and I were so close growing up, he was the big brother I never had.

He helped me with my school work, always had my back and kept the bullies away.

He was my role model even though there wasn’t much age gap between us. I lived my life daily trying to make him proud.
He was the first one I told of my achievements before even mentioning them to mum. Our bond got stronger even as we blossomed into fine young men.

Did I mention that our mum did an excellent job raising us? Yes she did!
I remember the first time Jack told our family about a lady called Cathy that he intended to marry. It was during dinner when he brought it up.

My mum had made it a rule that no matter where we were or how busy we were, the last Saturday of every month was reserved for family and so we would all travel back home for her super home cooked meals.

I remember mum hugging him happily when he talked of Cathy. He said that she was HIV negative herself and that she knew of his status and had accepted him that way.

We were all happy for him, all we ever wanted was for him to be happy.
A year later they were married and she was the perfect wife. She took good care of him and their family and always reminded him to take his medicine.

Back to the house.

“How about you give me some sugar before we shower, you know I’ve missed you Licky D.”

My thoughts were interrupted by Linnet’s voice. Jack chuckled and then in that deep husky voice he said, “I’ll give you some in the shower baby.”

I was in shock to say the least. Did Linnet know of Jack’s status?

Had he revealed it to her? I had never discussed Jack’s status with anyone, not even with my wife Linnet. It was something that had always been regarded as a family secret. Did Linnet know of status?

Had he infected her? Had she infected me? I sat on the floor, unable to move, it was like an explosive had been dropped at the center of my existence.

I don’t know for how long I just sat there doing nothing before being interrupted by sounds of them coming out of the bathroom.

I could hear them kissing and hear some spanking sound. Minutes later I had a door being shut, it was no doubt our bedroom door.

I was lost, confused, unable to move. At this time so many texts were streaming from Jerry. He was asking who the person was and if I had already confronted them.

From the look of his texts, he was worried sick. I didn’t respond to his texts. I gathered the little strength left in me, quietly opened the door and walked to my bedroom to confront them.

In the final part tomorrow, find out how the man confronted the cheating couple and what happened therefater. Did he beat her? Did they stay together or separate thereafter? What happened to Jack’s marriage?


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