Fresh details emerge as family of Ugandan housemaid who committed suicide after returning from Saudi Arabia speak out

Josephine Agadi died last week after committing suicide

Josephine Agadi died last week after committing suicide

KAMPALA – Fresh details have emerged in the death of Josephine Agadi who died at Paliisa Hospital last week after an attempted suicide at their home in Paliisa District.

Mr. Simon Opio, the father of the deceased told this website in a phone interview that her daughter died a few days after returning from Saudi Arabia where she worked as a housemaid.

Available details indicate that Agadi had traveled to Saudi Arabia on April 29, 2022, to work as a housemaid on a two-year contract.

The contract details show that Agadi earned 900 Saudi Riyal (about UGX 900,000) per month from her employer including other benefits such as food, clothing, and medical insurance.

According to credible reports, Agadi didn’t report any problem to the recruiting agency regarding her bosses and that, “she was okay with her work”.

This version has been corroborated by her father.

Mr. Opio said the deceased left Uganda in 2022 through a labour recruiting company and she was placed in a certain family as a housemaid. “She never complained of any physical abuse at the hands of her employer and she often sent us money,” he said.

After 21 months in the Middle East, on January 15, 2024, Agadi is said to have called her recruiting agency informing them of her intention to terminate her contract citing stress and that “she needed to come back home”.

The agency advised her to inform the Saudi Arabian employer about her intention to terminate. This is the recommended procedure as per contract terms.

Agadi and her bosses reached a mutual agreement to part ways and she confirmed to the recruiting agency that all her money had been paid her. This is according to sources familiar with the development.

On January 29, 2024, Agadi is said to have called the recruiting firm and informed them that she was being taken to the airport to come back home and her ticket had been issued by the employer.


Travel details indicate that Agadi arrived safely at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda on January 30. This development has since been confirmed by airport authorities.

It is not immediately clear how Agadi traveled from Entebbe Airport to Ntinda Police Station. However, her father, Mr. Opio told this website that he received a distressed call from Police to go and receive his daughter.

“I told them that I was far in Paliisa District but I have some daughters in Kampala and I called to go and pick her up,” Mr. Opio said.

“She was not well,” he said, adding that: “After receiving her and we decided to take her to church for prayers they brought her home”.

Agadi passed on the following day after she was rushed to hospital following an attempted suicide using her sweater.

Police speak out

Ntinda Police Station confirmed receiving Agadi on January 30th  from an unidentified boda boda person who took her there with her luggage.

Police sources say she had a small bag that had money believed to be UGX 3.4 million but “unfortunately the big bag was taken by the same boda person who took her to the station”.

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