Fundraising for the Publication of KAMURINDE’S Book entitled THE SLAVERY IN MODERN EDUCATION-The Human Dignity is Not for Sale

John Kamurinde is a lawyer and a writer (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA —John Kamurinde is a lawyer working with Jambo & Co. Advocates, a passionate writer and has published over 40 articles with Uganda Standard Media Ltd and East African Watch Ltd on different topics.

He has been working on this book entitled as shown above for over 4 years.

Unfortunately he is unable to publish the same due to lack of funds the reason for which he seeks your help if you’re passionate about promoting scholarly work in Africa.

His book has 207 pages covering 3 chapters where he exposes the weaknesses in modern education and its growing irrelevancy in society as summarized in the quote hereunder;

“…………The groundless modern education has grossly affected the graduate both in theory and practice as evidenced in areas of governance among others. My point is that modern education is authored by the markets in so far as the basic structure of man which constitutes of love, justice, joy, happiness etc. has been displaced. I must emphasize that education is an introduction to the totality of the self and the entire horizon of the evolving reality where Ubuntu is an indispensible and/or imperative.

An education without the foregoing loses authenticity in as far as it does not attract a student. It is not sustainable and that explains why the graduate has easily stumbled or fatigued in the face of vices such as corruption, abuse of law among others.

Whereas skill is essential, it is not primary in the education process, what is primary is self-discovery and it is this that makes the skill acquired relevant. Skill without originality/authenticity (self-discovery) suffocates and leaves a student vulnerable in the post-class room era; it is in effect nothing more than an industry of corruption and other problematic vices. Ubuntu is a traditional baseline upon which a student molds an opinion to judge the wild world order otherwise an African student is a fragile leaf. Take note that Ubuntu is an expression of the mystery and is ipso facto synonymous with the meaning of existence henceforth education and all ideologies are worthless slaves of the same. Communism, Capitalism among others are all dependent on Ubuntu and there irrelevancy is rooted in an attempt to become independent from this mother philosophy.

In conclusion, Ubuntu must reclaim its space on the table of education because it is what gives education, ideology etc. authenticity.

Kamurinde hopes to publish the book by December this year (2022) thus if you’re interested in helping the publication his work you can contribute by sending him money to his mobile number (+256) 705559756 (WhatsApp) in the names of KAMUGISHA DAVID, any other form of help is highly welcome.

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