Govt pledge to support organisations offering home care nursing services for elderly and patients

Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Chris Baryomonsi said that with the increasing life expectancy of Ugandans, the government must pay attention to formulating policies that will guide and regulate organizations that offer home care nursing services for elderly and other patients.

“Mortality is decreasing, life expectancy is increasing. In early 1990s, the average was 43 years because of HIV/AIDS and other situations but now it has increased about 10 years ago it had gone to 63 years and latest statistics from Uganda Bureau of Statistics indicate life expectancy at birth has now gone to 68 years that means Ugandans survive a little bit longer that how it used to be because the conditions are improving with improved quality of life,” Baryomonsi stated.

Baryomonsi made the remark as the guest of honor during the premiering of A short Movie titled ‘’THE CARE GIVER’’ at the National theatre On Friday 26th April .

The short film was documented by the management of Tick Bedside Nursing care and elderly home.

Tick Bedside Nursing Care (TBS) has been providing nursing care services to the elderly and other sickly people since 2016.

The movie sheds light on the critical need for home-based nursing services and also educates audiences on effective caregiving practices, noting that this kind of service is becoming increasingly relevant with the situation in Uganda.

The movie further highlighted the challenges bedside nurses go through when caring for the elders.

Dr Baryomunsi said that regulated homes have capacities of taking care of the elderly thus encouraging busy youths to always take their sickly parents and other elders to accredited nursing homes.

“With increasing life expectancy in Uganda as compared to the 1990s is an open reflection that Uganda needs such services”. he further noted.

Minister Baryomonsi noted that recently the Cabinet was discussing a policy on this subject.

“We are at a robust debate whether we should move and be like those who take our elders in homes or we stick to our traditional arrangement of children taking care,” Baryomonsi said.

“We left a provision for these kinds of homes to care for our elderly because the situation has changed so what you are doing is also supported by the policy. Soon we shall also be elderly and we shall need such services.” he further noted.

According to him the government will continue supporting these services adding that nursing care services especially to elders suffering from chronic diseases is required now.

He noted that the population of the older persons will continue to increase and therefore services like what TBS are doing are increasingly becoming relevant.

“For Uganda the idea you have come with is timely because the environment around us calls for these kinds of services now people live longer than how it was, yet chronical diseases are also on the rise,” he said.

On her part, the executive director of TBS, Ms Margaret Bashaija, who is also the movie’s producer, noted that it is good to use a professional nurse to care for dear ones, especially the elderly.

“It is a necessary service. People are very sick outside there and we have to take care of them especially when we are too busy to get such a nurse,” she added.

Statistics from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development indicate that there are 306,516 elders who are 80 years and above in Uganda.


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