HAPPENING NOW: Kenyan Supreme Court issues verdict on election petition

Supreme Court seven bench judges led by Chief Justice Martha Koome Image: THE STAR

Supreme Court seven bench judges led by Chief Justice Martha Koome

It’s D-day for President-elect William Ruto and Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party leader Raila Odinga as the Supreme Court makes rules on a consolidated petition challenging the outcome of the August 9 presidential election today.

Chief Justice Martha Koome is currently reading the verdict of the court, while addressing the nine issues to be decided upon in a blow-by-blow account.

Here’s what has been addressed so far:

1. On technology deployed – “We are not persuaded that the standards of IEBC’s technology failed the test. Whereas it is true that Kiems kit failed in 235 polling stations, 86889 voters were granted the right to vote manually and the requisite forms 32A were successfully filled. While the audit report was released to public 7 days before election, the voter register was used without any apparent anomalies,” CJ Koome has said.

2. On whether there was interference in transmission of forms from polling stations to the National Tallying Centre: “No credible evidence meeting standard of proof was adduced by petitioners. Scrutiny report did not reveal any security breaches of the IEBC systems,” CJ Koome said while reading the verdict.

3. On whether Forms 34A were tampered with: “This court ordered scrutiny of the 41 forms (34A) outlined. There were no significant differences found between forms uploaded on the IEBC portal and forms delivered to Bomas. No credible evidence was given to show forms given to agents were different.”

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