Here is a list of students admitted at Makerere on govt sponsorship from Bushenyi district

Students look at lists displayed on a noticebaord (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Students look at lists displayed on a noticebaord (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA —The Office of the Academic Registrar, Makerere University has released the Official admission lists for Government sponsored students for A ‘Level Applicants for the Academic Year 2022/2023.

In a statement posted on its website, the university says it has also released the Public Universities Joint Admissions Board Cut-Off Points for Government Admissions.

We have sorted students admitted to Makerere University’s main campus and its business schools.

The attachment below includes students from Bushenyi District, Western Uganda.

NoIndex NoUACE YearNameSexCourse NameWeight
1U0068/5342020ABAHO ALLANMBSC (Agriculture)41.6
3UG008/01432021CHAMUKAZI MELANIE NZIRWEGYEFBSC (Mechanical Engineering)53.3
4U0068/5492020AHWERA MEDARDMBachelor of Pharmacy46.7
5U0833/5592020BEINOMUGISHA MUSAMBachelor of Science with Education Physical41.5
6U2929/5732020ASIIMWE DELISSE BASIIMAFB.Architecture45.1
7U0082/5192020MUGANZI JOSEPHATMBachelor (Quantitative Economics)39
8U0833/5642020KAMUKAMA GODFREYMB. Sports Science36.2
9U0068/5792019ARINAITWE JOSEPHMBSC (Civil Engineering)45.4
10U1732/5922020AGABA ISMAILMBachelor of Science with Education Economics40.3
11U1989/5122020AJUNA RITAHFBachelor of Business Administration44.3
12U0068/5692020AKORA MMUSIIMAMBSC (Agriculture)40.5
13U3297/6952019AINEBYONA AINEAMBSC (Conservation Biology)25.5
14U0082/5012020AINOBWENGYE IBRONMBA (Drama and Film)42.5
15U1688/6822020ASIIMWE SHEILLA KAMUGISHAFB.Environmental Health Sc36.9
16U1656/5032020ATUSHEMEIZE COLEMB.SC.(Quantity Surveying)42.3
17U0052/5122019AHEREZA ADRAHMBachelor of Science - Economics23.5
18U0391/6312020NATUKUNDA DANIELA MARTHAFB.Architecture43.9
19U1867/5112018AHEREZA ELISMUSMB.SC.(Quantity Surveying)40.1
20U0828/6102019NYANGOMA RABECCAFBachelor of Agricultural & Rural Innovation32.6
21U0397/5692019OWOMUGISHA NOAHMBSC (Population Studies)39.5
22U1327/5012020KUSHABA MARY PRECIOUSFBachelor of Arts with Education43.7
23U0052/6892020NUWAMANYA BOAZMBA (Economics)36.6
24U0334/7242020TINDIMWEBWA COLLINSMBachelor of Science - Physical27.5
25U0009/6382020MUSIIMENTA CISSYLYNFB.SC.(Software Engineering)35.6
26U0691/5082019MWESIGA SOLOMON MUGIZIMB.SC.(Quantity Surveying)39
27U0052/7162020TUMWIJUKYE AMOSMBachelor of Science with Education Biological38.3
28U2832/5152020AINESASI OSBERTMB. International Business43
29U0009/5792020AMPUMUZA AIJUKAFB.SC.(Software Engineering)27.4
30U1732/6702018NAGASHA CANDYFB.SC.(Quantity Surveying)33.6
31U0138/6292020KAGURE ISAACMBachelor of Science - Physical23.9
32U0337/5202020AMUMPAIRE JOSEPHINEFBachelor of Statistics32.4
33U0551/5112020NUWAMANYA PANCARASMBSC (Electrical Engineering)40.2
34U0082/5812020AKWETEIREHO SAMUELMBSC (Mechanical Engineering)40.4
35U2860/5012020AGABA CATHELINEFBSC (Mechanical Engineering)36.7
36U1656/5122020MUTAMBIRA JOHNSONMBachelor of Business Administration37.5
37U0061/6062020AGASHA MOREENFBSC (Electrical Engineering)31
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