HiPipo wins East Africa Best Financial Inclusion Award

HiPipo CEO Innocent Kawooya expressed his appreciation for the accolade

HiPipo CEO Innocent Kawooya expressed his appreciation for the accolade (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Uganda’s HiPipo Foundation has been awarded the Best Financial Inclusion Organization in East Africa at the FinTech Awards 2022 by Wealth & Finance International.

Wealth and Finance identifies organisations that are deserving of recognition for the works they perform, giving them a boost to their profiles, and enlarging their professional networks. They thus recognise organisations committed to advancing financial inclusion, gender equality, and financial equity as core foundation principles for ensuring that we together build a world that is inclusive for everyone, not less. And it is for that reason that the jury chose HiPipo.

HiPipo CEO Innocent Kawooya expressed his appreciation for the accolade.

“I find it pleasing that the efforts of the HiPipo team are being recognised,” he said.

“This award was only given to HiPipo because I work with an incredible team. It should also never be forgotten that we have been blessed with extraordinarily supportive partners. What we have done and achieved would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of the Gates Foundation, and the technical input of Modusbox, Crosslakes Technologies, Ideation Corner, the Mojaloop Foundation, MET Images, NG Films, and Decent Africa among others.” said Kawooya.

HiPipo plays a vital role in advocating for the creation of sound, secure, competitive, and universal financial systems that are essential for sustainable and inclusive growth. 2022 has so far been another fruitful and progressive year for HiPipo. With Kawooya at the helm, the organisation once again made significant inroads in its advocacy for the adoption and dissemination of financial technology (fintech), specifically as an avenue to increase financial inclusion amongst the underserved and unserved.

In this vein, HiPipo successfully carried out all its financial inclusion and fintech initiatives, including the 40 Days 40 FinTechs & FinTech Landscape Exhibition, the Women-in-FinTech Hackathon & Summit, the Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit and the Digital Impact Awards Africa.

Another milestone was the Women-in-FinTech Incubator.

“The Incubator is HiPipo maintaining a strong commitment to empowering women in the digital technology space,” Kawooya said, adding: “they must be prioritised for the knowledge and tools to build successful tech initiatives, for what they do shall ultimately serve communities better.”

There was also a landmark moment in HiPipo’s entertainment programs, as the 10th HiPipo Music Awards were successfully held at Mestil hotel on 10th December 2021, further cementing those honours as one of the most auspicious and longest-running music awards on the continent.

“We say thank you, and promise that there is more to come going forward,” Kawooya said.

“Our ultimate hope is to guarantee that Africa reaps dividends from its young population, starting now and ultimately in the future”.


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