His performance is outstanding! MUBS top body recommends Prof. Balunywa for another term

Nice to work with! President Museveni has previously praise Prof. Balunywa and recently awarded him a national medal

Nice to work with! President Museveni has previously praise Prof. Balunywa and recently awarded him a national medal (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA — The Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Council has recommended the re-appointment of Prof. Waswa Balunywa to continue leading the institution.

At a special meeting in May, the Council appreciated Prof. Balunywa’s leadership of institution, including capacity to innovate, good stakeholder management and enhancing a healthy relationship between the students, faculty, leaders and the University community.

In a letter to the Education Minister Janet Museveni dated May 3, MUBS Council Chairman Mr. Isaac Mubarak Ngobya indicated that after a Special Committee of the Council, they evaluated the performance of Prof. Balunywa where he scored 89.7 percent (outstanding performance), which formed the basis to renew his contract.

“This is to recommend to the Appointing Authority for the re-appointment of Prof. Waswa Balunywa for another 5-year term due to his outstanding performance both at institutional and national level,” Mr. Ngobya wrote.

However, to avoid creating a Leadership gap following the expiry of
Prof. Balunywa’s contract on May 31st, 2023, the MUBS Council then appointed Prof. Moses Muhwezi his deputy, to be leading the institution in acting capacity as Council pursues the re-appointment of Prof. Balunywa:

“Following the expiry of Prof Balunywa’s contract as Principal on May 31, Council at its special meeting held on June 2 resolved to appoint Prof. Moses Muhwezi as Acting Principal pursuit to section 40(2) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001” said Mr. Francis Yosa, in an e-mail to staff.

When he was re-appointed for the just ended term, President Museveni praised Prof. Balunywa as a “nice person to work with”.

“Since Prof Balunywa is a serious implementer of programmes and a serious educationist whose institution has never seen part of the indiscipline of strikes, etc, I have no objection to his re-appointment if all other factors are in order,” President Museveni wrote.
President Museveni was also impressed by that fact that the MUBS boss has always been on :the right side of the liberation ideology” and has given the MUBS institution good leadership.
“I have never found him averse to advice the few times I have interacted with him. Such a person is always good to work with,” Mr Museveni wrote.

However, it should be noted that there may be a section of self-seekers who have chosen to mis represent the character of Professor Balunywa by misinforming the line Minister, in this case the First Lady Hon. Janet Museveni when it comes to the time of his re-appointment.

Considering Prof. Balunywa’s recent award by the President of the Republic of Uganda, the distinguished Order of the Nile Class I medal for his contributions at MUBS and national level where he has impacted the lives of people, it is evident that Prof. Balunywa is a resource to MUBS and the nation.

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