Honda Partners with Boda Boda Associations to Empower Riders

Kampala, Uganda – Honda by Markh has entered into a partnership with 10 leading Boda Boda Associations to economically empower hundreds of thousands of young people and their households across the country.

The partnership, dubbed “Club 110,” is a business incubation program that will provide Boda Boda riders with access to Honda’s world-renowned motorcycles, known for their durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

According to Maria Namusoke Kamoga, Managing Director of Markh Automobile, “Honda is more than just a bike; it’s about building people and building dreams. We are committed to empowering our stakeholders for long-term economic sustainability.”

With over 400 million motorcycles produced globally since 1948, Honda is the world’s largest and most dependable motorcycle brand. The company aims to create long-lasting economic impact for riders and their dependents, lifting people out of poverty and creating positive impacts in local communities.

Through this partnership, Honda by Markh seeks to provide economic empowerment, better living experiences, education, health, and long life, enabling individuals to achieve their dreams and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


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